Used by Master

This morning Master instructed me to work on my other job. It allows me to concentrate, while still being controlled by him. So, it was a pleasant surprise Master called during his lunch break.

Today he instructed me to go upstairs, remove my clothes, and spread my legs wide. Master then used both my holes for his pleasure, giving me several orgasms; the first I have been allowed in over two weeks. Thank you, Master.

As I lay on the bed, rocking my hips, rubbing my finger over my clit, he told me to get the 9″ dildo. The same one I practice nightly to swallow. He spoke, instructed, commanded. I became what Master desires; and as always, Master became my world.

“Take the dildo and put it in your ass an inch; pump it in and out — 3 inches; tell me when it’s in; fuck yourself on the black dildo — now, all the way.” Over and over he used me, “Take it out of your ass, put it in your mouth and lick it clean; stick it in your pussy. Fuck yourself, slow in and out. Now, fuck your ass; push all 9″ in; focus on your clit. Now come, whore. Come. Come. Come.”

I fucked myself on a 9″ black dildo enjoying every minute of pleasing my Master. After the last orgasm, I took the pictures here as Master instructed.

Master used me for his own pleasure. It’s where I belong.


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