2019: A New Beginning

2018 marked a huge change for Master and me. We had our ups and downs like anyone in a D/s, in our case, M/s relationship. But that’s not what this blog is about.

2019 holds a lot of opportunity.

What, you might ask. Well, if I told you that would take all the fun out of my upcoming posts. Okay, just a little tease. Maybe I’ll write about when I got my collar. The woman in the vehicle right across from me got an eyeful. Or maybe my first blog I’ll relate my first walk through a hotel lobby in just a raincoat. Mmm. That one is a bit tame. But I did say I’d tease you.

I’ll be naughtier than ever this year. Fun fantasies to explore. Training. Body modification.

If you reach out to me, I might even fulfill a few of your wildest desires. Well, you’ll get to read about them in my blog.

Happy New Year!


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