Day two in a week of this slave’s life

Because I work from home, my normal daily routine seldom varies. Today was different. I texted Master yesterday and told him where I would be today and I would not be home until late afternoon.

Letting Master know where I am, if I am not working from home, is part of my life. I will text or tell him when he calls me. Or if he instructs me to call him.

The first time he texted me and wrote, “call me.” I didn’t think anything about it. Then he stopped calling me and I received texts like above daily. It hurt. I had no idea why he didn’t know what was going on. Had I done something wrong? Was he tired of me? The silly thoughts that plague us subs and slaves ran a race in my head.

One day, Master called me after weeks of not doing so. I cannot recall his exact words, but he mentioned it was another form of control. Afterward I calmed down. I then got into the habit of giving him my schedule of days I had appointments or driving back to the city where I used to live to take care of family or my property.

Today, I dressed to please Master. I know his desire is for me to always wear what he wants. I must confess during the winter I just cannot make myself put on a skirt every day. Not only does Master believe it’s sexy, but feminine. He wants me to feel like a woman at all times.

Master is right. I’d rather put on a dress or skirt as long as it’s not below 50 degrees and wet or snowing. Lol. Thank you, Master for indulging me.

I showered, rubbed lotion over my body, moisturized my face, and put on makeup. I chose a black skirt. It took me a while to decide on the shirt. It was still slightly cool this morning, and it’s not sleeveless weather yet. However, most of my longer sleeved shirts have less revealing necklines. The woman in me wants men to look. It’s a desire I’ve always harbored.

I can honestly say, I dress so that men appreciate my body. I am a bigger woman, but even a low cut blouse that shows cleavage makes me feel feminine, appreciated for the female that I am. I also knew Master would want me to advertise the slut that I am. I did not disappoint him. I finally found the perfect top. Three-quarter length sleeves with a scoop neck that shows my entire chest, and the upper portion of my breasts.

I put in my nose ring and put dark purple lipstick on. It is my favorite color. And Master loves lipstick. Even in the summer when humidity makes wearing makeup impossible, I put on lipstick. Wearing it adds a certain texture to my lips. It plumps them up. The moisture also softens my lips. Makes them kissable. I like that. But it is Master’s desire that has me reaching for a tube before I walk out of the house. And, of course, if the opportunity to give a BJ arises, then I’ve left behind a colorful souvenir for the man I just satisfied.

As I write this, I know I could have explained I am aware of Master as soon as I awake. I may save that for later. But I did want to clarify one thing. Yesterday I wrote I take off my collar every morning when I get out of bed. It is leather. But it is my sleeping collar. I wear a ring on the third toe of my left foot per Master’s command. I also wear a nose ring. My clithood is pierced. I am in no way removing an object that Master instructed me to wear. Some days he may ask me to keep the sleeping collar on all day. Sometimes I add a pair of heels. Today I wore wedge-heeled sandals with my outfit. Heeled sandals are such a turn on for Master.

I left the house and met my writing partners. Both women know I am a black-owned slave. They are as vanilla as they come, but writers accept diversity. They both noticed and commented on my nose ring. Of course the conversation revolved around Master for a few minutes. Both are happy for me. They don’t understand it, but they support me and that is what matters.

I have begun going to the gym. Swimming is my thing. Master commented he liked I was exercising, and he “likes a fit bitch.” His play on ‘fitbit’ wasn’t lost on me. Of course, I am writing about Master at the moment so he is on my mind.

The rest of the afternoon, I’ll edit and possibly write a few chapters in my new book. Master is never far from my thoughts. And once I get into the assignment he gave me to perform daily, he’s the center of my universe as I masturbate for him and make men come.


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