Navigating Rough Times

For the last few months, Master and I have hit a very rough patch. It all began with me requesting to befriend his other sub.

For those of you not aware of our situation here’s a bit of background. Master and I live in different cities. I am not his only sub, and have known that from the beginning, but I am definitely his only slave. It is mine and his preference that we live apart.

Master’s requirement of me seeing other men regularly is burdensome. I often feel it’s more of a job and not a fun past-time he and I share. And so, I knew his other sub sees men for him just like I do.

I requested to meet her. Texts and phone conversations because she also lives in a different city than both of us. I explained I would like another woman going through the same issues as I am with these men to share our stories. Gripe about those who stand you up, who immediately want to usurp Master’s authority and place, etc.

Master wasn’t keen on the idea. And I told him while I would love to meet her, the decision was purely his.

The following Saturday, he called me and told me he would allow us to befriend one another. That she was expecting my call later that day. I was excited. Until we talked.

She is a very nice woman. She’s a few years younger than me. She and I are the same race, white, but she has short, black hair where mine is a little longer than shoulder length and blonde. We’re very intelligent, enjoy writing, and while Master is the first black man I’ve been with she’s always been attracted to black men.

Our conversation went well while we spoke of general topics and sharing the same interests, and learning how each of us met Master and when. It was when she began complaining about Master that warning bells sounded in my head.

Master and I have had issues. And there are a few things he will not budge on. I have known Master for a little over two years now. I found out she has known him much longer and is quite angry with him. In fact, she’s been angry with him for over a year now.

She went on to relate why. Some of her issues mimic mine. Some went deeper.

After a few hours of talking we both agreed we care about Master deeply, he has good qualities, but he’s human as well with flaws.

Master and I spoke later that evening and I related my concerns. Not with what she said, but why allow me to meet a woman he knew was upset with him. I wasn’t given an answer.

Fast forward another week. Master calls me Thursday evening and tells me he’s leaving on a canoe trip in the wilderness for the week of July 4th and will not have phone service most of the time. He gives me an assignment to complete with his other sub. It was to be completed on the Saturday after Master and I talked and the day after he went out of town.

I planned the assignment out. I texted her and commented on Master’s requirement. She told me she knew about it and we’d talk that coming Saturday. The day rolls around and she’s MIA.

As afternoon gives way to evening, she texts me and states she cannot complete the assignment. I receive text messages as to why. and other information about Master she’s very unhappy about. I call the assignment off. Let me note here, I am not keen on the assignment. However, it was Master’s desire and I was sexually aroused because that was what he wanted from me.

Master texts me the Monday afterward and I explained the problem. He told me to try again that next Saturday. The day he planned to return from his trip.

As you suspect it never happened. In fact, I was bombarded with every issue, problem, frustration, dislike, anger, pain, whatever negative label you want to insert here from her. Information on Master I never wanted to know or ever planned to ask. Yes, I wanted a friend to share our ups and downs as submissives. And to have it with another sub owned by the same Dominant would increase the support. That was what I thought I’d have.

In the ensuing month, Master and I have navigated another rocky situation in our relationship. I did not behave well. I stated my needs, my frustrations, my anger, and pointed out I took a stand on having him meet them. And I ended with an ultimatum. He had to call me if he still wanted me.

He did not contact me. I emailed him first. (That is another story for another time) We’ve just begun communicating once more. I am testing the waters we’re wading through. They’re the same as before. And I am uncertain how it will all unfold. For now, I am accepting and watching to see what happens.

What I’ve lost is trust. Trust in Master because he blindsided me, putting me into a volatile situation between she and him. Giving me an assignment to complete without him being there. I am not a dominant and he asked me to take the lead in this. And completing an assignment she was wholeheartedly against, and vocalized that in no certain terms she refused to complete.

I sympathize with her. I go through the same things she has about wanting and needing Master in certain ways that he will not give me.

But he is my Master.

After three weeks of not speaking with Master, we finally talked. While Master and I have not spoken at length about my wants and needs, we both agreed on several items. One, I will not allow my emotions to build up to the point I spew out a three-thousand word email. Yes, I do that. I am a writer. When issues begin, I will text him immediately. He will note them and communicate with me.

We’ll see what the future holds for Master and me.


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