Playtime for Master’s slave

This past Friday I met with a client. We have played before, but per my crazy week in every other area of my life, a few mishaps occurred. Nothing major, but it set back our play time.

For an hour I waited as the client had to change hotels, finally obtained a room, and prepared for our session.

Master is aware of my high anxiety. I am anxious in crowds, and every person I meet, I panic a bit. Even when I know the person. To look at me, reading my blog, or the men I see for Master, I hide it well. So to wait that long, it was the most stressful time I’ve had with this client.

However, as I sat in my car, I took deep breaths. I focused on the fact, I know this man. We have fun. I know Master lets me play (BDSM scenes) with those he trusts as well as men I know and trust, and I spoke with Master a few times during my wait. And I people watched. I enjoyed covertly watching families checking into the hotels or moving through the parking lot, meeting friends at nearby restaurants, listening to the pick-up basketball game going on at the sister hotel across the courtyard.

Once I arrived in his hotel room, serving this man for Master proceeded mainly as usual. A few light kisses on my cheeks and lips. He put on my collar, and snapped on the leash. He exposed my tits (Master loves to hear me use that word), pinched and twisted them.

As my client went through his routine, he stared, using that probing gaze searching my face and eyes for my reaction. All the while, masking his own. Very unnerving, but it’s normal, keeping me off-balance. And I must say, though I’m always unsure of myself, it adds another layer of excitement to playtime.

Even though this client keeps somewhat of the same pattern, I’m always unsure of what I should do. Am I allowed to look, hold his gaze or should I lower my eyes in submission. May I speak or should I remain silent. This client has never insisted I lower my eyes, so I watch him for a bit and then look down. I believe he enjoys seeing how unsettled I am, but I’m there to be his plaything for the evening, serving his kinks and fetishes. I talk some, but remain quiet, waiting for his instruction to allow me to speak. My goal is always one and the same. To submit to client’s per Master’s instruction, making him proud.

I enjoy a bit of exhibition, so he led me to the balcony, sat me in a chair. Cars slowly drove along the four lane road no more than a hundred yards away. People moved to and from their cars in the parking lot below, and sat on their balconies beside and below us. Pedestrians weaved in and out of the strip mall area nearby.

I focused on the task my client gave me all the while absorbing the sights and sounds of the world around us. Once the client was satisfied I had been exposed long enough, he led me back inside. He placed a hand over my heart, shook his head, and laughed. My heart raced, mainly from a bit of anxiety, the other because the thought of being caught half-naked and in the act are exhilarating.

The majority of our evening was spent with the man watching television and me sitting on the floor in front of him, sucking his cock. It is freeing to know he used me for his pleasure while he enjoyed such a normal task.

And I had the best experience ever sucking a man. Most women believe sex is a normal part of BDSM play. That is due to BDSM romance novels, which I’m guilty of adding to the mix in my own fiction. However, BDSM play isn’t always about sex.

Friday night was no different. It was about me being used by this client to release his stress. He had quite a bit because I may have sat and waited while he sorted out his hotel issues, he was the one who had to deal with the mess. It was the best for me because it’s been months since I played. But on that particular night I received more from this man than usual. Not what he did to or for me, but what he let go and gave me.

As I sat in front of him, his cock in my mouth, he used the end of my leash, slapping my back, creating hashmarks on my body. At first, his cock would get a harder soften when he focused on the TV, then harden again as he paid attention to my ministrations. Throughout the next hour, I believe it was that long, he began to relax, his lashes became more frequent, sometimes harder, sometimes a regular staccato as he beat my back. His thick cock grew to an impressive girth and length, hard and long and stood straight up. It happened over and over, the more he used the leash, and the more I sucked on his cock and balls. I took him deeper into my throat. He gagged me. Stole my breath. And as he used me as a plaything, it satiated him.

While I am a BBC whore and BBC cock is what I prefer, this white guy has one of the best cock’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of serving.

The rest of the night was just as fun. Blindfold, bondage play, and I got a nice beating from him with his bamboo cane on my tits, back, ass, and thighs. I have a few bruises and marks and I’m a bit sore in delicious places to carry me through the coming week, reminding me that I served him and Master for their pleasure. Most of all he was kind enough to give Master’s slave several orgasms.

Master thank you for allowing your property this playtime.

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