While Master’s slave’s Away, He Instructs her How to Play

A few weeks ago, I went on a family vacation. The end of September or first week of October is our normal time. When my husband was alive, we went to Tybee Island, Georgia just outside of Savannah. These days family members prefer Hilton Head Island.

If you’ve never been, the island is family friendly, bike trails are in every condo community, and sidewalks along the main road accommodate bicycles. There are a dozen or more golf courses. Dolphin tours and deep sea fishing and kayak rentals are available for those into sports.

The restaurants serve local seafood along with other seafood and other dishes. It’s great to know the dinner I’m eating was brought in that morning. Hilton Head Island is also known for their brunches. So most restaurants display their weekend brunch menu alongside their lunch and dinner menus.

We especially enjoy Hudson’s. Their history of serving local oysters and shrimp is a long-held tradition with the restaurant.

While I was with family, Master didn’t leave his slave alone, which made my vacation even more special. Before I left, he said if I had a chance to be naughty to take it. Master’s definition of naughty is for me to find black cocks to suck. Mmmm. Master is so good to his slutty slave.

But being with family doesn’t allow me to escape and play with men. However, by the third night of vacation, I sent Master a picture of me topless sitting on my balcony. From the picture below, you can see, I and the people in the condo beside us, have a great view of one another.

It’s difficult to see the people on their balconies, but believe me they’re their. The first night, me and my niece sat out on the balcony off the living area. A man across from us left his curtains open. He had a nice ass. Too bad he didn’t take off the robe and turn around instead of just lifting it up.

The following night a woman, had come out of the shower, across and one story below ours. She pulled off her robe with the curtains open. She then opened the sliding glass doors to see if anyone was watching. Her husband wasn’t pleased and came in and shut out prying eyes.

Those incidences prompted me to take my nudity a step further. I was alone in my room, a garden tub sat near the bed. I turned the lights on in the room, undressed, and got the bath ready. The blinds to the balcony were open. After my bath, I wrapped a towel around me and went out onto the balcony. I sat down in the chair and removed the towel. I sat there enjoying my limited view of the ocean and let the night air dry my body. I made sure to be in full view the entire week when I got ready for bed.

I took a picture for Master and sent it to him. Once Master received it, he put me on display for the rest of the week, directing the balcony scenes per his desires.

“At dusk, as the light is just fading, go out and stand nude on the balcony.” Another night he stated, “stand by the balcony rail, naked, and masturbate until you come.” The morning we were scheduled to leave, Master called me before I got out of bed. “What are you wearing, bitch?”

“My collar, Sir.”

“Nothing else?” While Master knows I sleep naked, I love it that he asks this question often. It’s such a turn on. I believe it’s because there’s no barrier between what he plans for me and my unclothed body at that moment.

“Nothing else, Sir. I’m naked.”

“Mmmm. Get up, go out on your balcony, and sit in the chair.”

That mmmm, is what I ache to hear every time. I did as he directed.

“Put your feet on the rails. One on each side. Make sure you’re facing the condos.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Anyone on their balconies?”

“Yes, Sir. A woman talking on her phone. People are in the parking lot below as well, packing their vehicles, and leaving.”

“Rub your palm over you pussy lips, cunt.”

“Yes, Sir.” I lean my head back, close my eyes, and tune out every sound and person but Master. His voice and commands are all I hear.

“Rock your hips. Put a finger at the opening of your pussy. Tease it. Now slide it in, all the way, bitch. Rub your thumb over your clit.”

Over and over Master instructed me to finger-fuck myself, taking me to the edge a few times, backing off until he allowed me to come.

Vacations are a time for fun and relaxation. I enjoyed playing in the ocean, walking on the beach, having lazy days with family. While Master wasn’t there in person, he’s never from my thoughts. I carry him with me in my mind and heart. And, as always, my nights being used by my Master are the best.

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