Do You see me!

The last three years flit through my mind.

In the beginning, you saw me.

Your words touched my mind.

They caressed my body.

You reached into my soul with sentences and phrases,

and pulled out my innermost desires.

You made me yours.

Then you sent him to me.

His all-seeing stare was yours.

His silence was your censure when I displeased you.

His cane a balm and punishment.

He used me as your property, sending me back to you almost whole.

You were pleased.

Your words changed, rendering all others as lies.

My mind and body revolted, missing the control of her Master.

You desired more obedience.

I gave and gave, but could never give enough.

Still, I clung to the one thing you continued to share.

You read between the lines and suddenly whisked it away.

Shell-shocked, I’m picking up the pieces, hoping one day to find my way back to me.

Do you see me now?

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