November 2020 MFF Fun

“Take your clothes off and get over here and lick my slut’s pussy.”

That was the greeting that met me as soon as I walked into his hotel room. The twenty-six year old black male and I had conversed for several months and this was our second meeting. I had expressed my desire to play with him and the women he saw when he visited the area. I was pleased, though it was rushed, that he asked me to join him and his Hispanic, hot-wife slut.

My pussy gushed at the thought of the threesome ahead. I took in her appearance as I  shrugged out of the dress. Her hair, thick dark curls covered the white comforter. The nipples of her small, pert breasts stood at attention. For a moment I was self-conscious about my BBW size. But she flashed me a welcoming smile before he eyes drifted shut and a satisfied smile covered her face as he positioned himself between her spread legs and shoved his cock back inside her. I kicked off my heels and knelt on the mattress beside them.

His eleven and a half inch cock pistoned in and out of her cunt. Her cream covered his shaft. I inhaled the fragrance of cum and pussy juice. Oh my. There isn’t anything like it. Our bodies’ scents are unique to us all. Sexual smells are earthy, base, and downright messy. And that heady aroma spiraled my need.

The strip of black curls of her waxed cunt called to me. She’d truly be the first woman I had sex with. I couldn’t wait, but at the same time I wanted to hold off, savor the moment.

“Get to it, whore,” the young man scolded. “We ain’t got the time to play around.”

I leaned over, my face inches above her, his stomach slapping my cheek. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over her slit. She groaned, and I felt her palm on the back my head Greedy for more, she pushed me into her body.

I took a moment to pull my tongue back into my mouth and taste their flavors. It was more than I expected. Two different musk essences one sweeter than the other. I wiggled my ass, pressing my thighs together, needing to come already.

An urgent murmur, in Spanish, fell from her mouth. And she pushed hard on the back of my head.

All thought fled as I covered her labia with my mouth. I licked and sucked. I pressed my tongue on her clit, hard and engorged with her desire. If Sir had allowed it, I’d be fondling my own clit right now. But I was here to be used for this man’s pleasure, no coming for me today. Which in all truth, trebled my desire. Knowing I was fulfilling my Dom’s desires.

I circled her clit, ran my tongue back and forth. Somehow the nub grew harder. Moving my tongue, letting the side of it graze her clit, the tip slid over the young man’s cock as he moved in and out of her pussy. I wanted to experience them coming on my tongue, but she cried, “My clit, suck it.”

His thrusts became erratic, her hips bucked. They were so close and all I wanted was more. More of her pussy in my mouth without his body in the way. To settle between her thighs and eat his cum from her. To coat her breasts with his seed, then suckle the soft mounds clean. To kiss her, sharing the rest of his load while I finger-fucked her until she climaxed.

Her muffled shriek and his guttural grunt sounded simultaneously within the room and it was over.

The young man eased from her body. “Lick me clean, whore.”

I wasn’t certain who he spoke to until she slid off the bed and hurried into the bathroom. I stared up at him, then at his cock. Wet and semi-hard and the need that I thought had waned when they came roared to life.

I knelt before him, opened my mouth and took him inside. Their musk burst on my tastebuds, and I licked the underside while I pushed and pulled my mouth back and forth on his shaft.

From the corner of my eye, she emerged from the bathroom fully dressed. She gave him a little wave and winked at me, and then she was gone.

Disappointment filled me until the young man gripped the back of my head and he thrust his hips forward. The head of his hardening cock bumped the back of my throat.

I looked up at him.

“Your turn.” He grinned.

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