Mindfucking Orgasms

This post isn’t about coming so hard you pass out. It’s about Master fucking with my mind to make me come. Enjoy!

“Call me.”
I hit his contact info. Sir’s end of the phone rang. “Hello, Sir,” I said as soon as he picked up.
“When do you go to bed?”
“I’m in bed now.”
“Really, 10:30?”
“Not to sleep yet. I’ll read or listen to music or make notes for a new story or writing something you want.
“Yes, Sir.”
“Collar on?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Lie on your back. Spread your arms wide as if I’ve tied them to the bedposts.”
I complied.
“Clench that butt plug.”
Sir had instructed me hours ago to put the butt plug in.
“I’m going to wrap a rope around your neck. Lay your head flat on the mattress. I’m attaching it to the headboard now. Try to lift your head.”
“I can’t.”
“Good. Close your eyes. Don’t open them unless I give you permission.”
The bed shifted, Sir straddled my body. Wet and horny already, Sir’s tone, the cadence of his sentences, timing of how and when he spoke coalesced, and in my mind, I believed he and I were in the same room.
“I love the way your white body complements my black hands.” He ran his palms over my ribcage and cupped my breasts.
“Clench that ass around the plug.”
“Yes, Sir.” I inhaled. His scent surrounded me, permeating through me. My wet pussy wept, juices ran down my slit to my ass.
“No more talking, grunt or moan your answers.” He pinched my nipples, tugging on my piercings.
“Mmmm.” My breathing increased. My hips bucked upward, and I mourned the loss of his hands as he settled around my shoulders.
“Stick out your tongue. See if you can reach my cock. It’s right above your mouth.”
I did as instructed but couldn’t reach him.
“Farther, bitch.”
I strained, pushing my tongue as far as possible.
“What a lovely sight. You trussed up, helpless waiting for me to use you. Makes my cock rock hard. Clench your pussy. Focus on your clit.”
It was all I thought of. Need raced through me as my breaths came faster.
Sir’s powerful thighs pressed against my shoulders. The sound of him stroking his cock filled the room. Long slow pulls. I waited, anticipating the moment he allowed me to taste him.
“Smell my man meat.”
He knows the scent of his body is almost as much of a turn-on as his voice.
“Clench that ass around the plug. Now your pussy,” his instructions came fast. “Focus on your clit. Stick your tongue out. Hold it there.”
I struggled to complete each one over and over. Then, I felt it. A light touch on the tip of my tongue. I wanted to pull my tongue back into my mouth and taste Sir’s juice, but I’d not been given permission. Another drop followed. Then one more.
“You want it don’t you, cunt?”
“Uh-huh,” I mumbled never allowing my tongue to move.
“A part of me in your body, to savor your Master’s flavor.”
Before I could utter a moan, he ordered, “Clench your pussy, focus on your clit.”
Spasms fluttered in my cunt, so close.
“Taste me on your tongue.” A seductive invitation by my ear.
His scent burst over my senses as I curled my tongue in my mouth, coating it with Sir’s essence.
My back arched. I pulled against my restraints. It was difficult to breathe, and the sound emitting from my throat was strained. My core seized and then loosened. Spasms wracked the walls of my pussy. All the while I savored Sir’s taste.
“Sweet, nectar, nirvana, isn’t it?” he asked.
Sir slapped my face with his cock. A shock, but no less a turn-on. First the left cheek then right. Light taps then harder. Painful, but as long as I got my treat I didn’t care. Soon, he rubbed the head over my lips and mouth, my tongue, smearing it with his precum.
“Come. Clench that cunt, bitch. Come again. Now.”
My core tightened, the butt plug added just the right friction, I rocked my hips. With Sir’s command echoing in my head, I fell over the edge.
The orgasm hit. It took all my willpower not to run my tongue over my lips, to trace it around his cock head, lapping up his seed.
“Give me another orgasm. Come. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”
Lost in thought, it took me a moment to register his words, but my body was way ahead of my mind. The spasms started, light. I pulled against my restraints. I was helpless, used, property, a fucktoy for Sir’s pleasure. My orgasm exploded. My mind floated on the ecstasy of the knowledge Master Tyrone owned every part of me.
“Breathe, don’t move your tongue.” His body jerked then stopped. Sir’s hot seed filled my mouth.
My body tightened. The flutters in my stomach intensified and shot to my pussy, pushing me over the edge again.
Sir shifted and his lips pressed against mine. Our tongues tangled. His minty breath and own taste mixed with his man juice.
He lifted up slightly and licked my mouth before shoving his tongue back inside. He ate at my mouth, ravishing me, gifting me with more than just his seed, himself.
I pressed down, squelching the last orgasm. Silence filled the room for several heartbeats. My breathing slowed.
“Leave the butt plug in all night. Go to sleep.”
I heard the click of Sir hanging up and realized I was alone in my bed.

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