Sowing Seeds: Gardening with Master Part Two

“My filthy little whore is nice and wet”—Sir chuckled—“for you two.” Sir had teased me with the hose he held, spritzing me with water from the nozzle. But he handed me off to the men standing by the ground I’d just cleared.
I only had time to glance at Sir over my shoulder before I was pulled away and pushed to my hands and knees. A man stood in front of me, stroking his cock inches from my mouth. I glanced up. He was naked, his black skin gleamed in the sun. I didn’t waste my time looking at the man behind me. He’d be as naked as his friend. His hands roamed over my hips and ass.
Strangers Sir had picked to fuck his property. My cunt spasmed. My need to please, to be used for Sir’s and their pleasure replaced my hunger for food and water.
Opening wide, I anticipated the feel of the thick bulbous head against my lips. His scent wafted on the breeze toward me. My mouth watered for that first taste. Precum bubbled from the slit. I wanted to lean forward and take what I desired but knew better.
Moments ticked by. Fingers parted my pussy lips and probed, finding my fuckhole. My eyes drifted shut as two fingers slid inside me. At the same time, the guy in front of me pressed his dick into my eager mouth. I ran my tongue around the head, savoring his flavor.
I pulled back and lapped up the pearl of precum, tonguing his slit. He moaned and pressed his hips forward. I took half of him in my mouth.
The guy behind me shoved his cock inside my pussy. For a fleeting moment, I worried he’d be turned off by my dirt-coated thighs and cunt. How silly of me. I spread my knees farther apart, gripped the man’s thighs, settling in place to being taken in Sir’s backyard.
The guy behind me set a brutal pace, fucking me hard and fast. The walls of my pussy gripped his shaft, pulling him deep. I clamped down on him every time he pulled out.
He grunted and slapped my ass, “Stop that, whore.” But I wanted him deeper, hitting my womb, giving me the pain that would enhance my pleasure.
He slowed, pulling out all the way to the entrance, and eased in. I wiggled my hips hoping he’d get the hint I wanted more. He obliged with deep fast thrusts. In turn, the push and pull aided me in fucking the guy’s dick in my mouth.
He palmed the back of my head and pushed. I opened my throat and he pressed deeper. The head swelled, cutting off my air. I willed down my panic at not being able to breathe.
A thrust of hips and the guy behind me finally hit my womb. The cock in my mouth slid in further. Sensations overtook my mind and all I could do was revel in the feeling of being used. Their cocks lengthened, getting thicker. Any minute I’d be rewarded with their cum. Then I hoped Sir would say the words I so needed to hear.
“Bitch, I don’t know what’s running through your mind, but you are not allowed to come.” Sir’s voice brought me back to the present. I blinked. The ache between my thighs was ravenousness. I suppressed the urge to clamp my legs together and let myself fall over the edge of ecstasy.
The punishment might be worth it. If I looked at Sir now, I’d surely come. Instead, I took in my surroundings. I was on my hands and knees, near the tomatoes Sir had planted an hour ago, and I was tasked with making sure soil covered the roots and they were watered properly. My body rocked in rhythm to my previous fucking here in the dirt.
I closed my eyes and inhaled. Gardening would never carry the same meaning after that weekend. Shaking off naughty thoughts, I looked around making sure I’d finished my job. I jerked my gaze from the lettuce plants. Earlier, I’d mistaken them for weeds.
Sir’s reaction echoed in my head, the just out-of-reach orgasm finally tapered off.
“What are you doing?” he asked. He bit back a chuckle, cleared his throat. I shuddered and every nerve went on high alert. Sir’s various tones always did things to my mind and body. For some reason, his playful, sensual tone touched me deeper than his sternest voice.
“Weeding?” I stopped in mid-pull.
“Try again.” He cocked his head and raised his right eyebrow. I dropped my gaze to the fistful of tender green leaves in my hand. “These aren’t thistles?”
“Oh…” My mouth fell open.
“I thought you said you grew leaf lettuce in the past.”
“Um… Not naked.” There wasn’t a coherent thought in my head when Sir put me on display. Nerves wracked my mind that I might be seen. Which warred with the adrenaline rush of excitement, hoping I did have an audience. The idea of one or more of his neighbors dropping by to watch…
“You’re wearing your new collar and matching red garden belt.” He gestured.
I bit my lip to hide the smile at Sir’s idea of the perfect garden outfit. It was so cute. The outfit. Sir was too handsome and controlling to be cute. Until he smiled.
He’d buckled the deep red, one-inch wide suede collar on me the moment I arrived yesterday. Before we came out, he gave me a garden belt in the same deep red. It sat low on my hips, pockets on each side, like a two-gun, gunslinger’s holster. Silver O-rings and studs matched the metal in the red collar.
Satisfied that straw covered the pea plants and soil covered the row of beans we planted, I reluctantly inspected the lettuce. They’d sprung back to life. Mud covered my knees and hands, the soaked soil drying fast in the midday heat. The rest of the plants were doing fine, no weeds in sight.
Sighing, I’d completed all my tasks, and I’d met Sir’s time limit. I stood and brushed off clumps of damp dirt as best as possible. Reaching my arms over my head, I arched my back, turned to see if Sir was still inside the house, and froze.
Sir sat in one of the deck chairs, shirtless, legs splayed; his tight jeans revealed the outline of his engorged cock. His unyielding stare didn’t hide his excitement at whatever he had planned for me this afternoon.
“Did you get all the weeds?”
I heard Sir’s voice but couldn’t process the words. A young woman knelt beside him, in the shade like Sir, naked. Her white-blonde hair framed her oval-shaped face and fell in soft waves around her shoulders. It was a good thing Sir hadn’t made her help garden. Her pale skin already held a pink tint. She would be sunburned by now.
Yet an image of her lying in the cool dirt, my face buried between her soiled thighs filled my mind. I shivered and wished for a cool breeze to explain away my visceral reaction to her body.
Her tight, high breasts, small nipples beaded to tight points, a narrow waist, flat stomach, and toned all over without an ounce of fat visible met my roaming gaze. Moreover, the cute little bitch’s pert ass had to be round and perfect by the rest of her body, which was planted firmly on her heels. Something I couldn’t do any longer.
She watched me. Was there a hint of hunger and envy in her blue-eyed gaze? Had her plump lips parted on a sigh? I dismissed the ideas as crazy. Sir had to be at least twenty years older than her. I was older than Sir by fourteen years.
A sheen of sweat covered my body. Dirt clung to me in all the normal places, and of course, between my wet thighs. Insults pinged through my mind at Sir for once again using me while I looked this way. At the same time, my nipples beaded. A moment of thrilling pleasure filled me that she wasn’t wearing a collar, and my breasts were large and pierced just the way Sir liked for his subs to be. Hers were neither. My pussy softened and wept at the thought of sucking them while my filthy fingers filled her pussy.
“I asked you a question, cunt. I expect an answer.”
“Sir?” Once again, Sir’s voice tore me out of my daydreams.
“Are there any weeds left in the garden?”
“Yes, Sir.” I nodded.
“Finish the job and be quick.”
“Um…I…” Their dilated pupils made me wonder if Sir had already fucked her, and I couldn’t help but glance at her pussy. A small patch of blonde curls was drenched. Was that Sir’s cum or her juices or both?
I tore my gaze away from them and searched the ground, doing my best to clear my mind of all the things I hoped Sir would allow me to do to her.
What would she think if she knew just how turned on I was from serving Sir this way? Would he fuck her here outside? The chaise lounge to her right was the perfect height for me to touch and taste her.
I could hear Sir now. “Rub your fingers over her pussy lips.”
Within seconds they would be plump, her juices would drench my fingers after several up and down strokes, and then I’d inhale her sweet musky scent. My mouth watered.
“Part her lips and run your fingertip around her clit. Do not touch it, though.”
Her moans and cries of pleasure filled my ears or were they mine? Oh, to make her come out here, alerting the neighbors to our escapades.
Or would Sir make me stand at the sliding glass door and watch as he took on the kitchen table just inside the sliding door where I’d see everything but miss his filthy words, the opportunity to run my tongue along his shaft, tasing them as he tunneled in and out of her pussy, to eat her ass?
“Sub, I gave you an order. If I have to tell you again, you won’t like your punishment. Finish weeding, now.” Sir’s Dom voice finally broke through to me.
I blinked. I was already searching for weeds I knew weren’t there.
“They’re all gone, Sir.” I looked up. Sir leaned in and whispered in her ear. Her body shuddered. She caught my gaze and held it.
“Get over here, bitch. You’re on cleanup duty the rest of the afternoon.”

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