Parking Lot Orgasms

Answering Sir’s phone calls is always a guess. If I don’t want to wonder what Sir will put me through, I shouldn’t ever answer his calls in public. Yet, I’ve never hesitated to do so.
It was just after one in early November. I added my next doctor’s appointment in my phone calendar when Sir called. “Hold on. I’m just leaving the doctor’s office,” I said before thanking the staff member and turning toward the door.
“Rub your pussy through whatever you’re wearing.”
I laughed. “Um…” I pushed open the door, and continued, “No sir. I’m leaving now.”
“Sit on the porch step outside the door and rub your pussy.”
“Sir…” I laughed again and continued walking. “There isn’t a step or porch.”
“Sidewalk then.”
“There isn’t a sidewalk.”
“Rub that pussy while you walk to your car.”
“Yes, Sir.” I’d already crossed the open space and moved behind a row of cars. “I’m almost to my car,” I said. I put my hand on the handle, it unlocked, and I opened the door. I barely had room to squeeze inside. The minivan had parked too close. I glanced around the lot. Cars crowded to my right and left. The row in front of me was lined with cars. An SUV pulled into the last slot two rows away, directly across from me, its lights winked off. The driver sat in the vehicle.
Row after row of cars filled the lot, which was unusual. Sir’s command broke into my thoughts. “Push the waist of your pants down and pull up your top.”
I dropped my purse on the passenger seat. Got the car door closed. Within a span of thirty seconds, a person has more time to think and make decisions than they believe. I weighed my options. Would I obey, immediately, or make Sir force me to do what he wanted, or disobey outright.
Disobeying didn’t really enter my head. Pushing my pants down was no trouble at all. No one could see inside my Mustang. But the top? I wasn’t wearing a bra. Sir knew that. His voice held a bit of satisfaction moments ago when he noted that I no longer was self-conscious about going without a bra in public. That my “tits,” as he put it, swung free and people could see my piercings through the material. All due to him.
I scanned the parking lot again. The woman was still in the SUV. A man strolled from the Asian restaurant across the road into the doctor’s parking lot. His gaze found mine, held it, then moved away. Would he notice if I pulled up my top?
My pussy throbbed at the thought of being caught. Fear rushed in that he’d stop and stare or worse, walk into the building and tell the people in the office what I’d done. My heartbeat increased. The one thing I wanted more than anything was to tell Sir no.
I like games. I like the drawing out the sensations Sir stirs in me. I need to be pushed, made, forced. Yet I know Sir’s dislike of resistance so I give him what he wants.
I put the phone between my shoulder and ear and pulled up my top.
The man had moved on, but the woman. She was still in her car. I pinched my nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Her car door opened, and she stepped out. I should have known a cell phone was involved. She didn’t spare me a glance. A vehicle drove past in my rearview mirror. Several more pulled in farther across the lot, men and women leaving their cars, and going into the lodge restaurant at the far side.
None paid me a bit of attention.
Within minutes, my head fell back onto the headrest. If I was observed I didn’t notice or care. Sir’s voice was all I heard. His commands my world.
I came several times. All needed and so very rewarding.
Then Sir stated the purpose of his call.
“You’re ready to whore for me today, aren’t you?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Go over to the hotel. Go to the bar. Stay there for at least an hour and a half. Find some men to pick up.”
I thought I was wet before his instruction. All kinds of naughty things ran through my mind. I’d head there, the hint of sex still clinging to me. Flirting with a few men, heading up to their room, letting them use me. One at a time. Several together even better.
Sir’s voice echoed in my head as I drove to the hotel he mentioned. The parking lot wasn’t full.
I left my car, striding into the hotel with more confidence than I’d ever had before. This is what Sir wanted. This is what I needed, and I accepted who I am.
I didn’t get to complete Sir’s assignment. The bar was closed due to Covid issues. But that was okay. I knew that when Sir required me to do this assignment again, I’d not hesitate.

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