About Us

I am a white, feminine female, black-owned submissive.

I am well-educated, charming, and talented. I am an editor of novels, short stories, and nonfiction books. I write erotic BDSM fiction and capture some of Sir’s and my fun moments in story form and publish them.

I am a lifestyle sub. My relationship with Sir often is more Master/slave. That doesn’t mean I don’t think for myself, take care of myself, do without. What it does mean is that I submit to him any time he desires. I put his needs first. Some may think that’s a bit archaic, however, it is what pleases me as much as him.

Sir is a lifestyle Dom, naturally dominant. He is a professional black male, demanding, and strict. I borrow a lot of Sir’s creativity and add it to my writings. Not all of my stories are about Sir, and never from Sir’s point of view, but he is in every story.

In my personal life, I practice kink. Kinks and fetishes are only one aspect of a D/s relationship. I share them with you through my writing. Fiction and nonfiction.

Often in fiction, BDSM focuses on sex. Sex is just one part. And all too often, BDSM romance shows the dominant derives pleasure from fulfilling the subs sexual needs. There are some dominants who fall into that category. Not all. Mine and Sir’s D/s relationship falls outside of that scope, and my stories reflect our style.

Thank you for following us.

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