Pain and Pleasure

“I want you to call into the chatline Saturday night and get five men off,” Sir demanded when we spoke Friday night. “Yes, Sir.” “I want the huge dildo in your pussy. Just the head, at first. After each man comes, I want you to insert the dildo another inch. You may come with the... Continue Reading →


“Go out on your deck,” Sir commanded. A few seconds later, I answered, “I’m here,” as I stepped onto the cool wood slats. “Find a chair and put your phone down and take off your dress. Sit.” I set my phone on the cushion and searched the neighborhood ensuring I was alone. Houses lined both... Continue Reading →

Mindfucking Orgasms

This post isn’t about coming so hard you pass out. It’s about Master fucking with my mind to make me come. Enjoy! “Call me.”I hit his contact info. Sir’s end of the phone rang. “Hello, Sir,” I said as soon as he picked up.“When do you go to bed?”“I’m in bed now.”“Really, 10:30?”“Not to sleep... Continue Reading →

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