Beyond the Edge of Control

Day Twenty-Two of orgasm denial. Last Wednesday, a well-known discussion between Master and I on top of this month's orgasm denial, and the edge I stood on crumbled beneath my feet. Inside a mental and emotional void, I went off on Master. I thought I had let him know well enough that I was too... Continue Reading →

Master Took Pity on Me.

I made it 15 days without an orgasm. Master called me Sunday afternoon. “How are you?” “Horny,” I replied. My go-to response for the last few days. It must have been my tone that alerted him more was going on. He didn’t ask, and I didn’t elaborate. “You know you are allowed to come if... Continue Reading →

Some Relief

Three hours after I added my post, Master called. "How are you today?" "Not good," I said, my voice soft and subdued. I'm usually upbeat, laughing and teasing. As I relate to you our phone call, I'm still quiet. "You're doing good to make it fifteen days." "I'm trying." "It's all I ask." "Pinch your... Continue Reading →

No End in Sight

January has always been my least favorite month. When I was a child, snow days were great. But dark, dreary, wet days were more of what I experienced. Days on end without sunshine. Darkness coming early, though every day is a tad longer. The evening stretching on until I watch the clock, wondering if it... Continue Reading →

Stealing an Orgasm!

I am happy to report week one of my orgasm denial is over. However, I cannot say I completed week one perfectly. "Are you still in bed?" Master asked last Wednesday when he called. "Yes, Sir." "Get the small black dildo, lube it good, roll over on your side and work the head in." Within... Continue Reading →

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