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I am a white, feminine female author of BDSM dark romance. Our goal is to entertain you through fiction short stories and novels, posts on our blog of actual events, and the development and continued growth of my submission and Master’s control.

I am a lifestyle submissive. My submission is inherent. I am intelligent, well-educated, capable, think for myself, and run my own business, household, and jobs. However, I submit to him any time and any way he desires. I am black-owned. Master’s property, his plaything.

Master is a professional black male, holding two higher degrees in his chosen field. Younger than me and naturally dominant. A Master. His kinks are wide and varied. So much fun. What drives him is control. Which is great. I crave boundaries and being able to give up all thoughts and decisions in certain areas of my life and just be what he desires. We complement one another.

Master is quite creative in his own right. At times, he’s rewritten passages that stump me. Other times, he gives me prompts or tells me to write about a scene or an assignment he had me complete.

Most of our fiction is seen through the submissive’s eyes. The underlying theme is the Master’s complete control and the submissive giving him the power to do with her as he pleases.

We appreciate you following us.

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Adult content. Information on our website is intended for those 18 and older.

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