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WARNING: I am fiction author, writing BDSM erotic fiction and erotic romance fiction.  Novels, short stories, and skills are based on my life as a black-owned white female. The erotic nature may be offensive to some. ADULT CONTENT! By reading the information in this site you agree you are at least 18 years of age.

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I Photo’d Porn

Sounds nice and kinky doesn't it? If I haven't let y'all know, Master has taken over my writing. The three books I published last year in Master's Plaything Series was a direct result of his requirement of a goal he set for me. Sold for Christmas, book three, met that goal. During the time I... Continue Reading →

Master’s Valentine Gift

“Hello, Master.” “Hello, property.” He ushered me through the doorway. “Stop. Put on the high-heels. I did as instructed. His hand fell to the back of my waist, leading me to the playroom. “These are for you.” He handed me a dozen long-stem roses. Bringing the bouquet to my nose, I inhaled. “My favorite flower.... Continue Reading →

Master’s Purpose for Orgasm Denial

Friday mornings begin with a few protocols. I weigh and send the information to Master. We recap my week, beginning with my weight, and then move on to other information. I lose more weight when I have lots of orgasms, especially when I get to come multiple times and before eight a.m. Yes, I lost... Continue Reading →

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