My Journey

WARNING: This site is about my journey into submission, becoming a slave for my black Master. The information and pictures herein may be offensive to some.

ADULT CONTENT! By reading the information in this site you agree you are at least 18 years of age.

I am a white, feminine black-owned slave. Through my Black Master’s guidance, shaping, and control, I have evolved into a sexy submissive satisfying his desires. Most think of slaves as mindless individuals. That’s far from the truth, in our situation. I own my own business. I’m an author and editor. I choose to give up control, thus freeing me from trivial worries and doubts to focus on Master and my work.

Be mindful at all times Master owns me, and while he shares my time, be respectful of his ownership. Send us a message. We’d love to hear your questions or requests. I hope you enjoy our journey as much as we do making it!

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