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WARNING: I am fiction author, writing BDSM erotic fiction and erotic romance fiction.  Novels, short stories, and skills are based on my life as a black-owned white female. The erotic nature may be offensive to some. ADULT CONTENT! By reading the information in this site you agree you are at least 18 years of age.

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Decadent Indulgence

I let my stare rove up and down, and then stopped and lingered. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on it, but still, I held back. I wanted to take my time, savor the moment. I closed my eyes and inhaled. My mouth watered. I never tired of that familiar scent, the first flavor... Continue Reading →

My Two Doms

I have fantasized for years of having two Doms. Of course, that’s from a pleasure perspective. I dreamed of two sets of mouths kissing me, one sucking my nipples while another ate my pussy. The thought of four hands, caressing, pinching, probing was enough to send me over the edge in no time at all.... Continue Reading →

Wax Play, I Wish!

In one swift move, she tore the cloth off my left labia. Up until Sir made me come with the huge dildo inside me, pushing it in to increase the pain, letting that pain become pleasure, I flinched. Not this time. If you haven’t read Pain and Pleasure, my last writing, it is a treat.... Continue Reading →

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