Master’s plaything

Master’s Plaything

Over the past two years, Master has trained his submissive to become a slave he's proud of. The journey has not been easy. I've challenged him constantly. Mainly, there are aspects of my personality that are not submissive. To say that we've clashed is an understatement. Master's ways and desires are new to me, and... Continue Reading →

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WARNING: This site is about my journey into submission, becoming a slave for my black Master. The information and pictures herein may be offensive to some. ADULT CONTENT! By reading the information in this site you agree you are at least 18 years of age.

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Do You see me!

The last three years flit through my mind. In the beginning, you saw me. Your words touched my mind. They caressed my body. You reached into my soul with sentences and phrases, and pulled out my innermost desires. You made me yours. Then you sent him to me. His all-seeing stare was yours. His silence... Continue Reading →

My black Master’s property

“Make sure you let them know you’re a black man’s whore.” Master’s silken voice was no less of a caress over my skin than his skilled hands. “Make them understand I sell your body at my whim.” His tone grew forceful. “Yes, Sir.” “I own you.” “Yes, Sir.” “My property, do you understand, bitch?” “Yes,... Continue Reading →

Master uses His slave in Public

Sliding my tired body into the hot water, I leaned back in the tub and opened the message icon on my phone. I was bathing a bit earlier than usual Monday night. Four a.m. Tuesday morning would arrive long before I was ready. Sadly not getting up at that time wasn't an option. My sister’s... Continue Reading →

Playtime for Master’s slave

This past Friday I met with a client. We have played before, but per my crazy week in every other area of my life, a few mishaps occurred. Nothing major, but it set back our play time. For an hour I waited as the client had to change hotels, finally obtained a room, and prepared... Continue Reading →

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