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WARNING: I am fiction author, writing BDSM erotic fiction and erotic romance fiction.  Novels, short stories, and skills are based on my life as a black-owned white female. The erotic nature may be offensive to some. ADULT CONTENT! By reading the information in this site you agree you are at least 18 years of age.

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Controlled by Sir While Dining Out

Last week a family member and I had dinner out. A treat after Covid-19 restrictions. I sent Sir a message letting him know how long I’d be gone. I also sent a picture of the purple sheath dress I wore. It’d hung in my closet for two years. Last year I didn’t go anywhere, so... Continue Reading →

Mindfucking Orgasms

This post isn’t about coming so hard you pass out. It’s about Master fucking with my mind to make me come. Enjoy! “Call me.”I hit his contact info. Sir’s end of the phone rang. “Hello, Sir,” I said as soon as he picked up.“When do you go to bed?”“I’m in bed now.”“Really, 10:30?”“Not to sleep... Continue Reading →

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

“Mom? What’s in your hand?” “Bolt cutters.” “I can see that.” I give my child my best mother glare and not state the obvious. “Why’d you buy those? There’s a pair in the garage.” “Hand-size?” “No. They’re twice as long.” “Too big.” “For what?” I’ve got to cut the bar on my piercing.” “What?” “The... Continue Reading →

Orgasm Denial

“I think…for the rest of the month…you will not be allowed…to come.” Sir drew out his mandate, over the phone, like an Oscar-winning actor.My mouth hung open. Seconds ticked by. “Um…ah…” I laughed to cover up my shock after finally processing his words. I took a breath. “But…It’s December. The holidays are stressful. I need... Continue Reading →

November 2020 MFF Fun

“Take your clothes off and get over here and lick my slut’s pussy.” That was the greeting that met me as soon as I walked into his hotel room. The twenty-six year old black male and I had conversed for several months and this was our second meeting. I had expressed my desire to play... Continue Reading →

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