I have a particular set of skills taught to me by my Master. He has trained his slave so many fun, naughty things. We love sharing my skills with others. If you are in the market, go to the contact page and send me a personal message.

Keeping Groomed
It is a skill to keep up with all Master’s requirements. I groom my body the way he likes. I use dildos and butt plugs and exercise to keep in shape for him. Another way is manicure and pedicures. Sometimes I splurge. Most of the time I do my own. I finished reapplying new lacquer to both fingers and toes. 

February 27, 2019
Master has trained his slave for over 18 months now. As I have evolved into being a slut for him (that was definitely my nature before, but not to the extent Master has trained me) I have learned skills he deems useful in becoming a professional submissive.
Let me state right now, sex for hire is illegal and we do not practice that. We do, however, indulge in scenes for pay. I submit to Dominants indulging in their fantasy play for hire.
Doms have their preferences. Some would rather teach their way to a submissive. I understand that. I agree if that submissive is being trained to belong to you. Some want to play and then move onto the next. Master and I cater to that group.
My posts here contest to the fact, my cocksucking skills have soared since I met Master. Indeed, I love the feel of a man’s dick in my mouth. I still cannot take more than 8 inches. I attest that difficulty to my constant allergies, sinus issues, and sensitive gag reflex. No matter what trick I use, my gag reflex will not relax.
I’ve been used by friends of Master’s. I have been hired for the following: impact play, bondage, sensory play, humiliation, picture taking. I have been caned and paddled. I’ve had my breasts tied, been gagged, with cloth. A ball gag (which, at times, is a hard-limit). Toys include dildos, butt plugs, nipple clamps, clothespins.
Before I met Master, my late husband spanked me with his hand, a belt, flogged me with a suede flogger, used a crop.
This list is short, but I am up for most any type of scene except hardcore sadism. I am not into pain for pain’s sake. If you wish to play use the contact page with a request.
October 3, 2018

   My slave told me today that during a session, she was able to deep throat a full 8″ cock. It was a bit of a eureka moment for me. I have been coaching her, encouraging her, pushing her to improve her cock sucking skills. To hear tangible evidence of her improvement was sufficiently ‘cock-hardening’. I was proud of her, I was proud of me, I was proud of both of us. Me for pushing her, and she for producing (swallowing)!

You have to understand I want her to be able to fully swallow my 10.5″ one of these days as a testament to her superb training. I make her train daily on her 8″ dildo, but obviously, we are going to have to move on up…! lol

It goes without saying that a better sucking slave/whore is only one of higher value, both intrinsically and monetarily. Additionally, it creates a very submissive feeling in a slave to kneel and swallow all of Master’s cock, regardless of the size, but a white slave swallowing all of her black Master’s cock is only more intense for me.

Thus, I encourage all women who read this to work on their BJ skills. I will have my slave post a link to a YouTube video on a tip how to minimize the gag reflex during deep-throating…may your cock sucking experiences be happy, filling, and satisfying.

September 23, 2018

An ongoing lesson from Master is teaching me better BJ skills. As I am black-owned, being able to fully take a BBC is required.

We find there are difficulties. Sadly, my mouth is small. In fact, I cannot accommodate Master, though I practice nightly.

Master has come up with an excellent idea. You see, I dislike dildos. Actually, I can take a real penis easier than a toy. So, he asked me to post here, he would love for other BBC men to help me through this process. If you are interested contact me.

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