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Master loves to find new items to add to our toybox. Whether it’s a new toy, an instructional video, or items to purchase, here is where you’ll find information promoting who we are, Master’s interests, and things he finds humorous. We hope you find it as fun and informative as we do.

Clit Clip:

Our most recent toy acquired is the clit clip pictured below. Master uses certain toys to get his slave used to changes in her body that he desires. The ultimate goal of the clit clip will be revealed at some future date, but, other than it being Master’s desire, it gets her in the mindset of accepting body modifications Master plans for her.

The clit clip stimulates the clit and the beads add weight and more sensation near the pussy opening. Sadly, I have yet to wear it. For some,  whose inner labia are small like me, it is more than a one-person job. I will have to wait until Master and I get together for scenes.

If you are interested in this toy I purchased it on Amazon. And the caption below the image is a link to an instructional video for beginners.

Clit Clip Video


If you or your Master/Dom is like mine, wearing panties is a thing of the past. He is transitioning my wardrobe to become dresses and skirts, however, I still wear cotton or spandex capris when I am with my family. The product in the link “serves a purpose,” as Master stated, and is quite funny as well.

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