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After several years, we decided to publish the stories we introduced on our blog, putting them in several short story books.

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Master’s Plaything Kinky Short Stories

Naked, on my hands and knees in the dirt… I knelt motionless in the proper position of a well-trained fucktoy.
I am a white female and submissive to my strong-willed black Dom. He challenges my limits, pushes me out of my comfort zone, and now he insists I call him Master.
How can I give him all of me while keeping a part of myself from him? I can’t. And the more he shows me the life he has to offer, I find I don’t want to.

Training His Slave

When she asked him to own her, she had no idea what lengths he would go to make her his… Forever.

Normally, he took subs, trained them, then let them go, until her. Something about her called him to conquer. What his submissive requested, she would receive. Living apart he’d shown leniency, but now her carefree days were over.
Becoming his slave would not look anything like she desired. By the time he finished training her, she would do whatever he commanded.

Warning: No limits. Pain. Degradation. Caged. Discipline, puppy play, gangbang, used and sold without her knowledge.

Sold for Christmas

Christmastime is here and Master is spending the holiday with his family while I’m all alone. I dream of snow and hot chocolate, snuggled up to a roaring fire, and learning to ski—the perfect winter wonderland retreat to throw off my bah humbug feelings.
But Master invites his friend to be my guest in our not-yet-open bed-and-breakfast. Master sold me for Christmas. Not to just any friend, but to him. The one man who gave me the most intense pain and pleasure of my life. The one man I can’t get out of my head.
Master knows. And now I must face him and the other Dom I begged to own me.

Boxer Briefs & Boots

“I photo’d porn!”
Jacy Rawlins’ one-night stand and subsequent walk of shame just landed her the biggest account of her graphic design career. If only she could forget the irresistible cowboy that made it all possible.
Trace Blackwell’s wet dreams become a nightmare when he sees his body on the cover of a romance novel. Now if he could just remember the sexy, adventurous woman that rocked his world.
Can Jacy convince him to keep his picture on the book while protecting her heart? Can he convince her she’s more than a one-night stand? In the end, will they both get what they desire?

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