Master’s plaything

Master’s treat for his slave

Master’s ringtone pierced the silence in the room. My heart quickened. My mind settled. My body taut ready for what instruction I might find when I opened his text. Call me. I set my coffee cup on the table beside me and muted the news show. I touched the call button, anticipation filling me as... Continue Reading →

A full day for this slave

My day began before six a.m. Master woke me as he sometimes does. We talked about fun things, nothing important, and a few things he wanted me to do today. I have been busy ever since, and at this late hour, I now have time to write today's post. No matter what we do, I... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Master

It’s been a while since I last posted. Sometimes life throws you for a loop and you get off until you’re no longer on a treadmill going nowhere but you’re back on track. I’m not quite there yet, but today I became one step closer. Since I had to take out my last piercing and... Continue Reading →

Feelings of a slave

“Well, it’s disappointing about the piercings, but I understand it doesn’t work for some people,” Master said. It took me a moment to compose myself and say, “You’re handling it better than I am.” He went on to assure me he was disappointed, but there was nothing either of us could do about my body... Continue Reading →

Doing Master’s Bidding

“You like making young guys like me explode, don’t you?” asked the second guy I blew that day. I hummed my reply and swallowed the last of his cum taking a moment relishing his taste—the voice wasn’t Master’s but the words certainly were. As if he’d written the script and fed this twenty-something-year-old his lines;... Continue Reading →

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