Master’s plaything

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

“Mom? What’s in your hand?” “Bolt cutters.” “I can see that.” I give my child my best mother glare and not state the obvious. “Why’d you buy those? There’s a pair in the garage.” “Hand-size?” “No. They’re twice as long.” “Too big.” “For what?” I’ve got to cut the bar on my piercing.” “What?” “The... Continue Reading →

Orgasm Denial

“I think…for the rest of the month…you will not be allowed…to come.” Sir drew out his mandate, over the phone, like an Oscar-winning actor.My mouth hung open. Seconds ticked by. “Um…ah…” I laughed to cover up my shock after finally processing his words. I took a breath. “But…It’s December. The holidays are stressful. I need... Continue Reading →

November 2020 MFF Fun

“Take your clothes off and get over here and lick my slut’s pussy.” That was the greeting that met me as soon as I walked into his hotel room. The twenty-six year old black male and I had conversed for several months and this was our second meeting. I had expressed my desire to play... Continue Reading →

Erotic Short Story

He stood in the doorway of my hotel room, his gaze moving over my body. “Jai?” “You’re John. Is that your real name.” “Yep.” He tucked his hands into the front pockets of his jeans, his head bobbling like one of those dashboard toys. I gave him my best smile, hoping to put him at... Continue Reading →


I’d never thought of piercings except in my earlobes. Until I met Sir. He likes everything about them. Thinks they’re sexy. Sir had mentioned me getting my nipples pierced since the previous October. He’d sent pictures and links. We discussed it over and over. I was not convinced. December 2017 through most of January 2018,... Continue Reading →

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