Merry Christmas from Master and me

’Twas the week before Christmas and all through the kitchen, Thoughts of Master selling me made my heart quicken. The countertops and pantry and fridge were laden with food, Though seeing Master’s friend again dampened my mood. Baking pies and cakes and cookies, I was not nestled in my bed, Though kinky visions of Sir... Continue Reading →

Book One on Sale

Master's Playroom Kinky Short Stories is on sale for a limited time. Amazon Smashwords “Sub, I don’t know what’s running through your mind, but you are not allowed to come.” Master’s voice cut into my daydream.   My body shuddered, and I clamped down on the impending orgasm. I blinked and looked around. I knelt... Continue Reading →

Age Verification

WARNING: I am fiction author, writing BDSM erotic fiction and erotic romance fiction.  Novels, short stories, and skills are based on my life as a black-owned white female. The erotic nature may be offensive to some. ADULT CONTENT! By reading the information in this site you agree you are at least 18 years of age.

BJ Facial

   Sometimes my Master makes me have sex with his friends or even strangers. Yesterday it was a stranger I knelt in front of to unzip his pants. A virile black man 20 years my junior. I was able to take 8 of his 9" all the way down as he vigorously throat fucked me.... Continue Reading →

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