I’d never thought of piercings except in my earlobes. Until I met Sir. He likes everything about them. Thinks they’re sexy. Sir had mentioned me getting my nipples pierced since the previous October. He’d sent pictures and links. We discussed it over and over. I was not convinced.

December 2017 through most of January 2018, I’d acted out on every issue. Pushed boundaries and made a nuisance of myself. Finally, Sir’s patience and understanding broke through, soothing my unwarranted fears.

January 31st rolled around. It was a warm, sunny day. We hadn’t talked about getting my nipples pierced, but I knew that was the day.

I was excited yet nervous driving to the business. Anxious as I took the dozen or more steps up to their shop. My heartbeat was elevated, and I talked nonstop as I filled out the paperwork, during the prep, and while being pierced.

There was the harsh bite of pain as the needle was threaded through the nipple. A dull pain as she pulled it out, and the bar was inserted. After that, just a dull ache.

I was beside myself with happiness as the piercer took a few pictures for me to show to Sir. He was surprised and very pleased.

Through February and March, I followed the piercer’s instructions and they were healing nicely. At the end of March, I had to go in for minor surgery, outpatient, and the nurse told me I had to take them out. I knew I could put them back in later that day so it was no big deal. One of the nipple holes had narrowed and made it difficult to reinsert the bar, but with a bit of pushing and pulling, I got it in.

That surgery didn’t take care of my issues, so May 4th I went in for a hysterectomy. Out came the piercings. Four days later, I tried to put the bars back in. Both holes had healed shut.

I was devastated. Not only did I feel I had let Sir down, I worried he’d no longer find me desirable. I explained my feelings. He took the news calmly. Not to worry we’d get them repierced after I healed from my surgery.

I was pissed at him. This was important to us, our relationship, and I thought he’d taken the news too lightly.

The piercing was tied to my submission to him. My sexuality. My desire to be his in new and stronger ways.

I had them repierced in August 2018. At that time, I got the clithood piercing Sir wanted.

By January 2019, both nipples had rejected the piercings. The clithood never gave me any issues.

2019 was a waiting game on my piercings. Month after month Sir would ask if I was ready, and he stated he wanted them repierced as soon as possible. I assured him a full year was necessary to heal fully, and he’d agree, but then he’d ask again. It made me feel good each time he asked.

On leap day, February 29th, 2020, I got my nipples repierced. A little over a year after my body had rejected them. I got the cartilage piercings in my left ear Sir wanted as well. The left nipple had some scar tissue. The procedure was very painful. The right one was repierced with no issues at all. This time my body accepted the piercings.

In January of this year, I put in new jewelry. I add some bling now and then. I search Etsy and other places for new nipple jewelry.

The next step, maybe, is to get a septum piercing. I have so many allergies and sinus problems, I’m not sure if it will happen. Sir has talked about labia piercings, but even though I love modifying my body for him, and I’ve never had issues with the clithood piercing, I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for those.

I asked Sir last month why he likes piercings. Why he finds them sexy. He replied, “I can’t say why I think they’re sexy, I just do. I like them because they’re versatile. You can change styles as often as you like. I like that your body is on display while you’re being pierced. The piercings show my ownership, and it’s part of my control.”

With all the problems I’ve had with the piercings, would I do it again? Yes. No reservations, no hesitation. I started this journey of body modification for Sir and found it was a part of me all along.

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