Master’s Keeping Me Busy

As Master’s plaything, I’m quite busy. We haven’t meant to neglect the blog. But I’m compiling stories and writing new ones. We’ll have the first book out in mid-July.

I posted two of the stories here before. The other two are new.

Gardening with Master is more fun and naughty than ever. At the end of the season expect a pool party.

On another note, I wish I could share my latest night out with a friend. Leaning over a Dodge Charger in a parking garage, and… well, the visuals don’t tell half the story. You can see those on my OnlyFans page. @theplayroom499.

Our latest project involves new toys. We just got a flogger and crop. He’s working on finding just the right whip. Not only will I write stories about our night, but we’re also adding pictures to the toybox, and talk about techniques.

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