The click of the closing bedroom door echoed throughout the upstairs. His blood pulsed and throbbed and rushed through his veins.

He leaned against the wall beside the door…waiting… Listening.

Hushed movements came from within. Not hers. Never hers. She’d taken to her training with an eagerness none of his other subs ever had. Not better, but she had a way about her. One that called to him, kept them together in a way even he couldn’t fathom, and often he resented. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind. “Later.”

His heart beat a harsh rhythm in his chest, recalling she embraced each phase of her training, her ceding not only control but her complete will into his hands. A finger, then another twitched on his right hand. Yet he curbed the urge to dip his hand into his pocket.

He had it in case.

A rapid succession of short sharp sounds reached him, then a squeak. He listened. Her short whimper cut through his reverie.

It had begun.

What he’d anticipated. Longed for. And yet the rush of euphoria didn’t wash over him as expected. No ratcheting of his already racing pulse. No lengthening and hardening of his cock.

She’d stood still and mute as he’d bent her arms behind her back at the waist. Bound them. Placed the blindfold over her eyes. He’d added the slim vibrator and a surprise into her weeping cunt.

“I’m going to lead you into the room. Sit you on the floor. You’ll be alone, but I’ll be in the hall if you need me.”

“Yes, Master.”

He completed his tasks and kissed her forehead. “Make me proud.”

She nodded.

This past year, she’d flourished, relinquished her body and mind to his control. More piercings. Her head shaved like the slave she was. Tattoos and a brand claiming his ownership. He was surprised when she asked to be branded. He liked that she wanted his name etched into her skin. A permanent marring that couldn’t be undone.

His pulse hitched. Every, “Yes, Master,” that fell from her plump lips cemented his complete control. Her lower lip tucked between her teeth, holding her breath. Normally he would chastise her for not breathing. Today her tension fell in line with his plans.

He glanced at the door. Was he willing to let her go?

The latch snicked, and he inched the door inward. When had he reached for it? Watching her suffering wasn’t in his plans. Yet he had to witness her ravishing. Light streamed over her. Even behind the blindfold, he knew her eyes were squinched shut. Ecstasy shone on her face. Her body writhed with her orgasm. He reached into his pocket and withdrew the remote control and increased the vibrator humming inside her cunt.

His gaze traveled down her body. Breasts pushed upward. Her nipples taut, quivering as she fought to stay still. Silver and black dangle beads winked in the light. Sensory deprivation had always been her biggest turn-on.

He continued his perusal of her naked body. The clithood piercing peeked from her between her waxed labia. Wet with her juices. The snack he’d stuffed in her cunt, melted, oozing from her slit. The rodent between her thighs nibbled at the treat. Whiskers brushed her labia; her legs trembled, tensed, and then her body shuddered in one continuous orgasm.

After he placed her against the wall, she’d canted her head toward him, no doubt wondering at the soft ruffling when he lifted the lid off the shoebox. He lowered it to the floor, letting the mouse go. It scampered into a dark corner.

He’d retreated and returned once more, with a cage. He unlatched the door and grabbed the reptile behind its head and left it on the dresser, then strode toward the door, pausing to run a soothing hand over her shoulder one last time. He stopped in the doorway and turned. The mouse had caught the scent of cheese and made a halting trek toward the treat. The snake had made its way to the floor and lay coiled against the wall, his black eyes tracking its dinner.

He’d turned his back on his property, and closed the door, making her face her two greatest fears alone. Now, he watched, transfixed, awaiting the outcome.

He increased the vibration once more.

A whimper of need escaped her lips; she pressed her shoulders into the wall, and rocked her hips, seeking more.

Desire stirred in his groin.

The snake struck.

He flinched at the force. His breath backed up in his lungs. So engrossed in her ecstasy, he’d forgotten the predator.

The mouse’s squeak silenced immediately. Its body wriggled; its hind legs twitched. The snake widened its jaw, and the small animal disappeared.

Her harsh sigh drew the snake’s attention. Would this be the last time he inhaled the scent of her cunt? Felt her tightening around him? Enjoy the warm wet cavern of her mouth and throat as he pumped his seed into her? To have her service his other whores, lick their pussies clean after he fucked them? She was his most prized creation.

The heat of her pussy called to the snake. His property. He’d used her for his pleasure. Sold her. Made her pleasure so many men. Now, this. Would he gain satisfaction from her ultimate surrender?

The snake’s tongue brushed against the engorged nub.

Her hips bucked. Another orgasm claimed her.

She strained against the spreader bar at her knees, keeping her cunt exposed.

The snake lifted his tail, and rattling filled the room like a frenetic beat of bongo drums.

She sucked in a breath. In her haste to retreat, her thigh brushed the snake’s body.

It struck. Inside of her thigh, once, then again.

Her scream rent the air. Raw pain and fear. They should have sounded glorious to his ears. Her ultimate obedience. The consummate aphrodisiac. It didn’t.

She pushed her bare heels into the floor, desperate to get away. Her terror should have his cock hard. Disgust filled him.

She pushed again. Her feet slid on the carpet. The wall at her back kept her in place.

The snake struck her clit.

She writhed, pain and pleasure etched on her face.

He stared. Would any part of this act affect him?

She did. She was beautiful in her submission, obedient, powerless; she’d relinquished her life into his hands.

“Master.” She sought him, waited obediently for his decision. His cock hardened, painful and engorged.

The snake struck again. Agony replaced her ecstasy. Yet she was still beautiful. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. Sobs interspersed her ragged breaths. Her body thrashed.

He turned off the vibrator. She slumped.

The snake satisfied he’d slain his prey, it slithered to a dark corner of the room.

He stood still as a statue, watching her.

Sweat shone in the minuscule light coming from the hall. Her body trembled. Her sobbing now whimpers.

Not once did she beg him to release her. To save her from peril.

He pulled the syringe from his pocket. He hadn’t needed it after all. The snake’s venom glands had been removed years ago. However, he couldn’t be too careful with his most cherished possession. “Not this time.” He smoothed his hand over her sweat-slickened brow. “There are still so many more ways I can use you, control you.”

“Yes, Master.” She leaned into his touch.

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