Excerpt from Master’s Plaything Backyard Pool…

My thoughts drifted to tonight. Derek and Melissa, Jon and Crystal, and the pool guys. Maybe I should ask them their names. And then the two other couples. I wondered what they were into. Master said, swingers. Were they into hardcore kink like Master and his business partner?

Crystal came to mind again.  She had blonde hair like me, but she was slim, with narrow hips, a flat stomach, and small perky breasts. Had her husband kept her to himself because he didn’t share, or had he conspired with Master, paraded her naked body in front of me to drive me crazy? It had worked.

I wanted to feast on the neighbor’s wife. I’m sure the other women would enjoy playing naked volleyball in the pool. Or Marco polo. Yes, that was the game. Blindfold her or one of the other women. Make her guess which one of us sucked her breasts, and fingered her cunt.

Lost in the frenzy of my first orgasm and the one building in my body, I squeezed, twisted, and pulled on my left breast, my thumb flicked my clithood piercing while the fantasy of a daisy chain with the women tonight played like a movie reel in my mind.

Without warning, a second orgasm slammed into me. My hips bucked. I rode my fingers like a pro rodeo rider on a wild bronco. I curled my toes and pushed into my hand. The strap of the left flip-flop popped. The sole slid back, and my foot shot forward, then settled on the tiles. I pressed my sole into the tanning floor, shaking with another climax.  

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