Master’s Plaything Short Stories

Master had me begin this blog for the kinky things we did. An online journal of sorts, requiring me to share our journey with the public. Over the years, we’ve explored our fantasies, and I have written about our experiences.

This past year he had me begin taking our stories and expanding them for publication. Our first book was published a few weeks ago. I am working on book two. More information will be in the next post.

At one time, I posted the activities I completed for Master in a week. I took them down because I didn’t like the way I wrote them.

But for new readers, I’d like to share a few important items.

If you haven’t read the About Us page, I encourage you to do so. This post is more about me than us.

Master set out protocols that he expects me to follow. Some have been added and others he let go. The result is I live as his submissive/slave 24/7.

What we both desire more than anything is control. He, being in control. Me, being controlled. Our kinks fit each others. We’re not perfect. We have ups and downs. And because we live apart, I get bratty sometimes. More than you’d think for a woman who has been submissive all her life.

My day begins with dressing per Mater’s desires. I wear skirts or dresses. He believes they’re more feminine, so I’ve added casual, and comfortable pieces to my wardrobe. I took the majority of pants and shorts out of my closet and bought dresses to wear outside of the home also.

I am not allowed to wear panties or bras. I do add a bra when I go out. Master would prefer I didn’t but at my age, I don’t like the natural look.

I take off my night collar and put on my day collar. Black leather is fitting for the man who owns me.

I have pierced my nipples and clithood. If Master had his way, I’d have more. However, I have been reluctant on septum and labia piercings. I cannot pierce my tongue for physical reasons. I’m glad about that. That is the only piercing I didn’t care for.

I’ve spoken of grooming my body and wearing polish on my nails before. He took over my weight loss and exercise program. Well, not really taken over. He encourages me to continue them daily. And I do send him my weight every Friday. Being held accountable, I stay on track. Otherwise, I might regain what I’ve lost.

I did well, losing weight on my own. Thirty pounds before he asked me to send him my weight. Since then, I’ve lost twenty-three pounds. I have seven pounds to get to my goal weight.

Because I sit at the computer all day, writing or editing, some may wonder how am I submitting to Master. There is always a mental connection. I know he’s thinking of me, whether we talk that morning or later in the evening, he might ask what I did that day. What I had on. Those aren’t daily questions, but at times, I have had to answer, no, or I haven’t done that, or I’m wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

Being a full-time submissive/slave spills over into my fiction. Master has given prompts, and he has such creative ideas that they’re easy to follow.

It might take a few days, but I’ll sit down and flesh those out. All the stories in book one and book two encompass our experiences and fantasies.

If you’re interested in reading more about our M/s relationship feel free to ask.

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