Sold for Christmas Excerpt

Whacks cracked and echoed through the barn.

I shuddered, and jerked my head from side to side, but couldn’t stop the two sessions from meshing into one.

“I know everything. And if I didn’t need to hear it from you, I’d gag you while I whipped you into submission, do you understand?” Master crowded into my back. “Sir M and I had a long talk. So think carefully before you speak. Tell me how he makes you feel.”

“Then why?” The heat of Master’s body behind me, the cold metal around the wheel pressed against my nipples, and his breath brushing against my neck sent conflicting messages to my brain, while grounding me in the present. “Why ask me?”

“Because I own you. Your job is to be honest with me. And you haven’t. I will pull it out of you. The hard way, or harder. That’s up to you.”

I lay there, relishing the tingles spreading through my body.

From the way he hit me, marks covered my back in a crisscross pattern. Warmth changed to heat.

He placed strategic strikes that lightly brushed against my labia, clit, and pussy. Nerve endings in my clit pulsed. I sought each blow, stretching the labia clamps tight. A throbbing set up deep inside my core.

Each new thud fell closer to my open pussy.

Master’s fingers found my clit. As he pinched, the throbbing nub, his teeth bit into my bottom. “Too much.” I pulled away from Master or against the bonds. I couldn’t tell. The night with Sir M fell away.

“All you have to do is confess.”

He changed direction and soft blows landed on my inner thighs. Moans escaped my parted lips on shallow breaths. I lay there with my arms over my head, my legs spread, a dull ache thrumming through my labia, desire, and… “A need to…” I bit my lip to keep from begging him…

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