Read A Good Book or Three

There’s still time to purchase all three books in Master’s Plaything Series and read them before the holidays are over.

They’re fun and kinky. Follow along as he teaches her that her one desire is to become his slave.

EXCERPT of Master’s Plaything Kinky Shor Stories.

“Good. Pull off the glove on your left hand.”

I glanced toward the house. Jon and Crystal, the couple from next door sat on the grass in Adirondack chairs, watching. Well, he was, she was on her knees sucking his cock.

“Eyes on me, sub.”

I tore my gaze from the couple, fixed my stare on him, and pulled the glove off my hand.

“Now, push your middle finger in your fuckhole.”

I hesitated, embarrassed to masturbate in front of them. But my body wasn’t so shy. Blood roared through my ears. My breaths turned into pants. I dropped the glove, spread my knees farther apart, and slid my fingers down my stomach, pressing one between my pussy lips.

“Run your finger around the opening.”

“Yes, Master.” The words came out on a sigh.

“Gather your juices and my cum.”

The buzz in my ears increased, and I almost didn’t hear his next command. “Pump just the opening.”

Wet and wanton, I met each thrust with a flex of my hips.

EXCERPT of Training His Slave

“You are right in so many ways. I need to be owned. We’ve had short conversations about this type of relationship, and I asked you to own me.” A part of my brain warned I hadn’t said enough, but irrational thoughts paralyzed my vocal chords.


I had forgotten Master he was here.

“I-I have questions.”


“A-and some demands.”

“Are you in control?” His tone hardened.

“No.” I cut my eyes toward him. “But I am not wearing your collar. And I have not accepted a slave collar, so I believe negotiations are in order.” The longer I spoke, the haze of horror in my head receded.

“Yes, I guess you’re right.”

“My safeword is still in play.”


I closed my eyes and exhaled the breath backed up in my chest. “If I experience extreme duress.”

“I won’t let that happen, but I agree.”

“How long is training?”

“I set aside a month.”

“A month?” My eyes snapped open, and I jerked my gaze toward him. “We’ve never been together that long before.”

“True. But I believe we know each other well enough we’ll be fine.”

“Do you have my brand of coffee? Eggs? Yogurt? Chocolate?” He let out another burst of laughter.

EXCERPT of Sold for Christmas

I examined the short whip. Ten rows of narrow strips in a crisscross pattern made up the handle. The braided shaft, a narrower and flexible version of the handle, was about twenty inches long that ended in a loop. A single strip of leather was attached to the loop by a slipknot, formed two tails.

There was no way I could hold back a shudder at the thought of Master using it on me. I handed it back to him and stepped away.

He gripped my arm. Even through the dim light, his ebony eyes shone. They pierced my soul. His nostrils flared, and I fought the urge to shift from foot to foot. He caught my chin between his finger and thumb in a light touch. He held me in place a little longer, then he ran his forefinger down my neck.

Breath caught in my throat.

He laid his hand over my heart. The beats faster than a horse racing to the finish line. His eyes gleamed even more, knowing how he affected me.

“Turn around.”

My brows furrowed, but I complied.

He placed his palm on my neck. It took every bit of my energy not to fall to my knees and say, “Yes, Master, whatever you want, I’ll give it to you.”

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