Playtime for Master’s slave

This past Friday I met with a client. We have played before, but per my crazy week in every other area of my life, a few mishaps occurred. Nothing major, but it set back our play time. For an hour I waited as the client had to change hotels, finally obtained a room, and prepared... Continue Reading →

Navigating Rough Times

For the last few months, Master and I have hit a very rough patch. It all began with me requesting to befriend his other sub. For those of you not aware of our situation here's a bit of background. Master and I live in different cities. I am not his only sub, and have known... Continue Reading →

A week in this slave’s life

Last week I gave three black men a bj in one day. Master was quite proud of his slave. Afterward, he sated, "I want you to keep a journal of the men you have sucked and fucked since I began training you and continue with any future jobs." Another daunting task to add to the... Continue Reading →

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