‘Tis the Season to Share

As you all know, Master enjoys sharing his property. Not only am I his slave, but a slut who truly enjoys being used by men. Being a vessel for them to spend their seed down my throat or in my pussy or ass turns me on but, more importantly, I’m fulfilling Master’s desire.

A side benefit is I’ve found my place being used by men. As is often the case, last week, Master shared me with his friend. A man I’ve met several times. Each time I come away with a newfound respect for Master, him, and Dominants in general.

I’ve been with a few other Doms besides this man, and he ranks at the top along with Master. His control is impressive. His actions and demeanor keep me on edge. And he always surprises me whether it’s something he does or requests he makes of me.

It’s no surprise a Dom comes up with delicious, wicked ways to keep us subs off balance. It heightens our endorphins, pain, pleasure; the commands given. Master’s friend isn’t any different and up until this last week, we had only indulged in scenes. What fun it is to be bound, blindfolded, and he uses my body for his pleasure. But I digress.

Last week Master wanted pictures for various reasons. I’ll share a few of them on my blog soon. His friend is an amateur photographer and readily agreed to help Master. That night, we played a bit and then he began taking pictures. During a lull, he complimented me and noted I should not be so quiet. Let me stop and say, this man has never been rude, degrading or hurt me in any way other than what brings us both pleasure.

During scenes, I am not allowed to speak. So to say I was stunned is an understatement. It was also one of the most insightful moments I’ve had of this man. Not only am I not allowed to speak, neither does he. In the times we’ve been together he’s never spoken. His gestures, look, and nod of his head speaks loud and clear. His refusal to talk adds a mysterious air to him, keeps me off balance more than normal.

Ah, you’re wondering how he complimented me, what he said. Keeping his silence is important to him so he wrote me a note. He complimented my sultry voice and wanted me to talk, tell him what a sexy slut I was while he took pictures. It threw me off kilter. Flabbergasted, I couldn’t form a thought or words.

And, as always, I became self-conscious. One would think I’d be over that by now. But I’m not. It often amazes me how I’m willing to take my clothes off, stand in front of a window so people in buildings across the way or driving through the parking lot doesn’t phase me one bit. How I’m wet in seconds when Master’s friend walked me to the elevator at the end of the night, his hand reaching under the hem of my dress, pulling it up exposing my ass for anyone to see.

Yet, ask me to talk about myself and my mind goes blank. I wish I could say I rallied my thoughts into coherent sentences and complied to his demand. I didn’t. While I regret it for myself, I’m more disappointed that I let him and Master down.

Just know, it is another lesson for this slave. Ha, no, I haven’t learned witty banter in person yet. But I will overcome my fear of speaking and give this man what he wants. Not only for him but to always please Master.

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