Master’s Body

Late January of this year, I surprised Master with a gift.

Body modification is one way to show Master owns me. He had discussed his wish that I pierce my nipples. We hit a rough patch during the holidays. So when the dust settled between Master and me, I had them pierced. The process is extremely painful for those thinking about getting them done. But as it was my Master’s desire knowing I had pleased him with this gift made it worthwhile. Master was right. They are sexy.

In March, I had to remove the bars for outpatient surgery, and I came home and immediately put them back in. That surgery didn’t fix my physical ailment so in early May I was back in the hospital for a second surgery, which required an overnight stay. I wasn’t as lucky. The holes sealed up.

After 12 weeks of healing both my body and my nipples, I again trekked to the tattoo parlor and had them redone. Having them repierced was even a more painful process. At the same time, I got my vertical clit hood piercing. If you cannot take the pain, I suggest you think long and hard about getting body modifications.

Master had always wanted me to switch to rings once they were healed and I did. We discussed gage sized and diameters. The picture only shows my right breast for a reason. This last piercing, the hole on my left breast was created too close to the surface. I have taken it out. You know when you get a splinter, deep in your finger and it has to make its way out before it can be removed. Well, I experienced that same feeling with the surface piercing. I could see the metal ring through my nipple.

To me, the black ring signifies I am black owned. The silver ball is just a nice contrast. More importantly, it is what Master wanted.

In six months, I will once again, go and get the left nipple pierced. Pleasing Master with modifying the body he owns to his desires.

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