BJ Facial

   Sometimes my Master makes me have sex with his friends or even strangers. Yesterday it was a stranger I knelt in front of to unzip his pants. A virile black man 20 years my junior. I was able to take 8 of his 9″ all the way down as he vigorously throat fucked me. I just opened my mouth and tried to relax as he pumped his man meat into me incessantly with a strong urge.
   As I knelt there with my big tits out, swinging back and forth, I knew this was my place, on my knees, letting a stranger face fuck me. But even more so, I knew I was serving my Master and pleasing him with my body. Doing his bidding and being fuck meat when he directs me to, even earning money for him.
   As the stranger approached orgasm, he asked me where he could cum; removing his cock to reply, I told him when he pays he can play where he wishes. He chose to pull out at the last minute and let his hot load of black seed spurt all over my face, so thick, so warm. As I knelt there, feeling the stickiness on my face, facing an empty set of black balls and clenching my wet throbbing pussy, I knew that all was right in the world; at least for the moment where I knelt…

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