Pleasing Master

Master takes care of me in so many ways. I won’t go into all of them, but fulfilling his desires is at the top of both our lists. I’ve written before he shares me with friends, strangers. He also likes the men I see become regular play partners/clients.

I speak with one man several times a week, and we try to meet once a week per Master’s wishes. It is a testament to Master’s instruction of his slave that this happens. And, of course, to the enjoyment of Master and these men’s desires.

While I like all men, some just stand out. And it’s not always because of their sexual prowess or they’re well endowed. This guy is white. Which Master lets me play with men of my own race from time to time. What makes this man, younger than me stand out is he’s fun, his kink is enjoyable (no I will not share that with you. It’s his wish to keep it private), and his 8-inch dick. One thing, in particular, I do enjoy when we are not able to meet that week is he loves edging. Bringing himself to orgasm then backing off, which when we do get together, I get a bigger load. Mmmm.

When we texted one another earlier in the day, he mentioned it had been three days since he came. He teased me, sending pictures of his cock, standing erect, his ball sac tight against his body. Of course, the slut that I am salivated over swallowing his man meat.

Sadly, this is one of those days I cannot meet men. He, too, had work obligations. Being the brat I sometimes am, more like the erotic writer in me took over. I proceeded to bring him to orgasm through messages. I was so horny by the end, wanting to come, but I did not have permission. And my own form of edging.

I spent the afternoon, figuratively, on my knees for Master. Just where I belong. Enjoy the foreplay and climax (his).

Ugh, I need to ejaculate.

Ooh, I want to tease you but that would be cruel. I want to watch you grip the shaft, slowly bring your hand up, push down, my tongue swirling the tip of your cock as you pump it.

Fuuuuck. I could just lay the seat back and let you take my dick in your mouth and work it until I fill it with hot sperm.

Filming me. My head bobbing up and down, your dick wet from my spit, and your precum.

God, yes. I need to cum so bad.

I won’t tease you anymore unless you want me to.

I want you to. I want you to suck my dick so bad.

I slide my lips over the head, tongue rubbing back and forth along the frenulum. My lips part, letting a pool of spit dribble down the sides. I chase it down your cock until the head bumps the back of my throat. I swallow. My throat a snug cocoon around the head of your cock.

Oh, shit. I don’t want to come yet.

Your hips buck pushing me away. I giggle, licking my way toward the head, giving it a light suck before I release you. But, I’m not through teasing, I rub my lips along the shaft as I lower my head toward your balls. You shudder and groan as I pull one in my mouth. Licking and sucking on one and then the other.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I wish he could see the playful mischief in my eyes. Maybe if he did, he wouldn’t have asked me to wait. I lick back and forth on the perineum loving the friction beneath my tongue, inching closer to your ass. You squirm hoping I’ll get the message and rim you. But I cannot wait another moment.

I pull up. My mouth at the head. I give it a few last playful licks and nibbles.

Fuck, baby. I’m throbbing.

I wrap my lips and lower my mouth then pull up, moving down. Sucking as I come up, opening my throat as the head hits the back of my mouth.

Up and down, loving the velvet smoothness of your cock.

Up and down, enjoying the unique flavor of your skin on my tongue.

Up and down.

Don’t stop. I’m about to cum.

I’m so wet, wanting to rub my clit, but Master hasn’t given me permission.

You push your hips upward on my last downstroke, past my gag reflex, deep into my throat.

I’m coming.

You shudder.  Cum shoots from your balls. After a moment I pull up, sealing my lips around the head, letting the rest of your essence burst into my mouth. I savor your flavor as I  greedily swallow every drop.

Fuck, yes. I love how much you enjoy eating my cum.

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