Doing Master’s Bidding

“You like making young guys like me explode, don’t you?” asked the second guy I blew that day. I hummed my reply and swallowed the last of his cum taking a moment relishing his taste—the voice wasn’t Master’s but the words certainly were. As if he’d written the script and fed this twenty-something-year-old his lines; and the young man played his part perfectly.

Of course, he did because Master has taught me his art so well.

I’m sure you’re on edge wondering what enjoyable task Master assigned that resulted in such a tasty treat for his slave. As I write this, I relive the moments of last Thursday. Master instructed me to find two men, strangers, to give blow jobs to. I was to text him when I left the house to complete my assignments. Master didn’t have to tell me to text him when I got home. I always do.

Within a few hours, I sent him my first text. Master was pleasantly surprised. To be honest, so was I. Hmm, I guess the cold day and frigid temperatures of the week helped me along as both men indicated it had been a while since they’d had a BJ.

Meeting men for the first time has its own excitement and anxiety. Meeting a guy, I’ve spoken to for just a few hours are all those emotions on steroids. Driving to our designated, public place pushed away most of my nervousness as I focused on the other cars on the road. Yet, that small voice in the back of my mind worried he was a psycho, he wouldn’t be who he said he was, he wouldn’t show.

Luckily, the man I met turned out to be legitimate. Black, in his early thirties, with a thick 8-inch cock. I said hi, put my hand on his already bulging crotch as he said hello. It was all the introduction we needed. He unzipped his pants, together we took out his dick, and I licked the head before parting my lips and taking him in my mouth.

He didn’t waste time either. He pushed his hips up as I went down on him. Up and down. He wasn’t lying when he said it had been a while. I barely passed up and down several times when the weight of his hand fell on the back of my head and his hips surged upward, his cock swelled, hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed and was rewarded with his cum.

Back at home, I texted Master and I told him about my morning. An hour or so later, I called Master as instructed. He was very pleased I did not get the man’s name. He was so content with his slave, he gave me an orgasm.

 After speaking with Master, I set out once more to set up the second appointment. At first, my chosen potential client was leery. Reluctant men are just a challenge I’m up for. A little sweet talking, a little dirty, reassuring I was real and ready to drive his way, well, that and a few pictures sealed the deal.

Still wet and on an emotional high from giving my first BJ and getting an orgasm from Master, I drove to the second appointment. In the man’s messages, he may have been hesitant, but I noticed right away he was quite happy to see me. Some might think it impolite these men don’t engage me in discussion. That’s not what they’re looking for or what Master sends me on these assignments to do.

He took care of freeing his cock. It was thinner and not as long as the first one I sucked earlier. While size matters when I’m being fucked, not so much sucking, except for Master’s desires of me deep throating a longer cock so that I can one day swallow his 10.5 inches. See his post from last year in skills if you wish to learn more.

I took the dick in my mouth and set a nice slow pace. I love the feel of a man’s meat in my mouth. The contrast of soft and hard, the swelling of his penis when he’s aroused. The first taste of precum. I get all of that whether we spend hours or minutes together. I just enjoy the experience more and, usually, the man does as well if we’re together longer.

His need to come became evident almost immediately. I lowered and raised my head, all the way down and up; his hips rocked, and I picked up the pace. All too soon he shot his load.

Like a good slut, I drank every drop and made sure I cleaned him properly before he dressed. He wasn’t ready for me to leave. I gave him my number, but he insisted he’s not into paying to spend time with me.

Hmm. We’ll see.

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