Master’s Plaything

Over the past two years, Master has trained his submissive to become a slave he’s proud of. The journey has not been easy. I’ve challenged him constantly. Mainly, there are aspects of my personality that are not submissive. To say that we’ve clashed is an understatement.

Master’s ways and desires are new to me, and I’ve struggled. However, being with Master is intensely rewarding while being on the rollercoaster ride of emotions he evokes.

Master’s training has brought me to a place where seeing men weekly, daily is a part of my life. It’s his fondest desire for me to be used by black men. (He allows white men as well). And I must say he’s awakened the slut in me.

Because of his training, I share those experiences here on our blog. And Master posts milestones I’ve passed that pleases him. I’m happy to say, I’ve learned enough that men constantly request my services. It is a testament to Master’s training.

If you are interested in seeing me, use the contact page. I will be happy to communicate with you.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Please read about our experiences and contact me with questions or request to see me.

Master’s slave.

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