My Two Doms

I have fantasized for years of having two Doms. Of course, that’s from a pleasure perspective. I dreamed of two sets of mouths kissing me, one sucking my nipples while another ate my pussy. The thought of four hands, caressing, pinching, probing was enough to send me over the edge in no time at all. Two cocks buried deep inside me at the same time.

Once Sir trained me to suck cock like a sex-starved whore, lol, new fantasies emerged. Me sucking each one off, one in my pussy, while I sucked the other, letting them both use me to their hearts’ content.

Playing with two men vs serving two men isn’t the fun I imagined.

Yet I’ve learned a lot.

I do not want to serve two Masters. I needed to get that out of the way up front. From the moment Sir suggested it, I balked. At the time, to me, Sir was giving me away. Part of it was the timing. We’d just come through another growth phase. Growing phases are rough. They hurt and it takes time to heal. As far as I was concerned, Sir commanded I pursue a D/s relationship with this young man too soon after we’d worked things out.

On top of that, I wasn’t fond of the man he wanted to be my other Dom. He’s every romance reader’s wet dream; twenty-seven, six-three, washboard abs, muscled arms and legs, and an eleven and a half inch dick. He is more than proud of his dick size. I wish he took as much pride in his personality and people skills.

The first day we spoke, he wanted me to be his bitch. To tell his friends I belonged to him. He contacted me every fifteen minutes wanting a picture. To video myself and send it to him. To be fair, he didn’t just want nudes. It was more like he wanted me to document my day in pictures and send them to him to account for my day.

I got angry. “I have a Dom.” I wasn’t his to dictate. Some men seem to think those are just words.

I’ve written about men telling me “he won’t know.”

I have a Dom,” aren’t just words.

I have given myself completely to him. I belong to him. I don’t care how good-looking other men are, that their penises are bigger than Sirs, or that they may live in the same city instead of in a different one. I have mainly commented about men. However, once or twice I’ve had a Domme/Mistress who crossed that line as well.

I made a commitment when I put on his collar.

Sir encouraged the relationship. I accused Sir of giving me away, not wanting me. Then went onto his only reason was the guy is well-endowed. Sir’s ten and a half inches is remarkable. “It’s how you use it and not the biggest that’s the best,” I told Sir.

Let me say, I do enjoy an above-average penis size. Anywhere from eight to nine and a half inches and thick.

Sir told me to be patient and keep him interested.

I kept him interested. I was not patient. I continued to question Sir’s reason and got bratty about it. Sir punished me in mid-October. Forced orgasms three times in one day. All lasted thirty minutes to an hour. He punished my mind and body.

Our first meeting didn’t go well. His pushy attitude spilled over to the physical. He didn’t abuse me. Just rougher than I like. His huge meat didn’t help even if he’d been as gentle as a lamb. I wrote about our second time together in MFF Fun.

Submitting to them is like night and day.

Master, (for the rest of this piece, I’ll call my original Dom, Master. The younger one Sir). Master and Sir both enjoy sharing me. They enjoy phone sex with me. That’s where it ends.

He doesn’t have the same idea of being a Dom as Master. Or what I’d call the idea of what a Dom is. He’s never bought me a collar. He’s not interested in making me find men or obeying him. He’s not into controlling me in any way. He doesn’t ask about me or how my day went. He wants pictures, videos, and phone sex now and then. However, lately those requests have stopped. I’ll message him or send him a picture and it’s days sometimes weeks before I hear from him.

Master loves sharing me, whoring me out, wants men to use me, but does not relinquish control over me. Not even when I’m with Sir. This may not seem like a lot of information on Master. However, Master is always in the mix.

I still don’t enjoy having two Doms. But it’s a learning experience.

After posting this, I felt I hadn’t captured why I don’t like having two Doms, but am still working on a relationship with Sir.

I find that Sir, the younger Dom, doesn’t want a relationship in the way I perceive relationships. I believe it’s our age difference.

Master and I have discussed this many times throughout our four years together.  I am with him for a D/s relationship. I want all that it entails. To submit, give up control, have him be responsible for me, take care of my needs, me to obey, to remember it’s a journey that we share.

Not to just be shared and used by others. Master understands that. None of the above enters Sir’s mind.

Sir and I are in a better place. He’s not as pushy or rude. The last time I saw him, he was quite sweet, very attentive in meeting my sexual needs after he used me as his slut.

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