Decadent Indulgence

I let my stare rove up and down, and then stopped and lingered. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on it, but still, I held back. I wanted to take my time, savor the moment. I closed my eyes and inhaled. My mouth watered. I never tired of that familiar scent, the first flavor bursting over my tastebuds. Eyes still closed I sat there and recalled my most decadent fantasies.
After long moments, I settled in, opened my eyes, and wondered where to begin. The top was the most logical place, inviting me to partake. But there was something about the base that always drew my attention. Calling to my endless need.
There was just so much to enjoy it was hard to decide. I leaned over to run my tongue over the tip. But then I saw it. That all-important spot. Perfectly V-shaped, a light indention, begging for my tongue.
As always I took too long to decide. I tracked the single drop as it slid past the rim, pausing on its journey then another drop following the trail until they met and rushed over the edge. No way was I letting it escape.
I reached out with my tongue and ran it upward. The ridges beneath my tongue added to the pleasure. I continued up licking up the wayward, pausing at the juncture, running my tongue from side to side ensuring I found the source and stopped it before it got out of hand. With deliberate strokes, my tongue passed over every inch. The right then left, up and over and around, lapping up the chocolate goodness.
“Mmmm.” I was so enthralled with my ministrations I was startled at the moan pushing past my throat.
Pulling back, I examined my handiwork. The head glistened. Rivulets continued to ooze from the top. It was time to stop teasing and got serious. I wrapped my lips around the circumference. I delved deep with my tongue scooping out as much cream as possible.
In moments, I devoured the entire treat. Leaning back, I licked my lips. Sweet cream remained, and I deliberated if I ate anymore would Master be upset that I blew my diet?
What? Chocolate ice cream is my weakness. Mmm. Now that I think about it chocolate ice cream atop a black cock. The perfect treat.

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