January 1, Day One

As the new year begins, instead of making resolutions, I am preparing myself mentally for no orgasms.

Thirty-one days without coming.

This is the third January Master is forcing me to undergo Orgasm Denial, and my mind has already conjured up false needs.

I want to text Master constantly. Ask him to call me, so I can hear his voice. I’m afraid he’s going to disappear for the rest of the month. But I shouldn’t. One day last January, he spent two hours edging me. It was frustrating and exhilarating at the same time.

And I am looking forward to this month as well. I’m looking forward to whatever Master has in store. He is wonderfully creative.

Last night, Master told me I was looking forward to January. I pointed out that he hadn’t asked. He said, “As property, you don’t have a choice.” That statement set the tone for my upcoming month.

Master put a butt plug in me. Had me squeeze it as he told me how this month would play out. His control over my body and mind was the sweetest torture.

Throughout January I will share his daily requirements and my thoughts and feelings as I experience his control in this way.

If you wish, head on over to our YouTube Channel. I’ll be posting videos all month also.

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