Orgasm Control Rules, 2023

Master’s fingers ghosted over my pussy lips, whispering in my ear.

“Who owns you?”

“You do.”

“Who allows you to come?

“You do.”

“Tell me you’re looking forward to no orgasms all this month.”

I repeated his words back to him.

He moved his hand away. “Pinch and roll your nipples.”

“Mmm.” I was already wet, my pussy clenching wanting to be filled.

“Roll over on your side.”

My ass clenched. Master has chosen to torture me this month fucking my ass with butt plugs and dildos.

The “Demon Dick” was his choice this morning.

The tip of the head is pointed, then the flange tapers, protruding farther out in front than the back. Pointed dots run along the front of the flange. It narrows deep just below the head. The middle of the shaft becomes thicker in the back. He lubed it generously, then pressed the tip to my back hole.

“Tell me you enjoy serving me this way.”

“I do, Master. So very much.”

“Who owns your pussy, ass?”

“You do, Master.” My breath hitched. “Push back.”

I did as instructed.

“Rock your hips.”

I moved back and forth just a bit, ensuring I kept the tip inside me.

“Keep moving.” He pushed the dildo until the flange was at my opening.

“Too much.” I sucked in air, and let it out.

“Clench your pussy. Roll your nipples.”

As we continued playing with my body, my need to orgasm increased.

“You will not touch my pussy or clit for the remainder of January, do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

“No vaginal penetration of any kind unless your clients pay to fuck you and the extra charge for you to come.”

My clit throbbed at his directive. I so wanted to come, but nothing would get in the way of me obeying Master.

As I write this, I have a butt plug in my ass.

“You’ll have a butt plug in every day. And we’ll stretch that ass so you can take several inches of Demon Dick. Now get on the chatline and talk to women. Get used to eating pussy.

“Yes, Master.”

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