Stealing an Orgasm!

I am happy to report week one of my orgasm denial is over. However, I cannot say I completed week one perfectly.

“Are you still in bed?” Master asked last Wednesday when he called.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Get the small black dildo, lube it good, roll over on your side and work the head in.”

Within minutes I was ready for whatever he planned. His inviting tone had my pussy wet in no time. His commands to push the toy in deeper, to twist my nipples had me primed and ready for play.

He sent me to the chat line to find women who wanted to play with me. After thirty minutes of hearing their soft voices, their feminine moans, I was to spend an hour talking to men. Getting all of them off while I fucked myself with the dildo and pinched and rolled my nipples.

By the time I’d been on the chat line for forty-five minutes with men, my last two playmates were black men, dominant black men.

My pussy ran with cream, down my slit, and onto the dildo, lubing it nicely as it shuttled in and out of my back hole. My hips rocked with need, and my clit throbbed while the walls of my cunt pulsated needing something to latch onto.

I role-played with the first black man. “I’m going to tie you up, bend you over the bed, spank you with this ten-inch dick, then feed it into your ass. I’m going to take it and you won’t be able to stop me.”

I squirmed on the bed. Needy moans escaped my throat. All I could do was feel. I begged him to use me. Our time was short as either he left the conversation or the system terminated it.

Frustration filled me. Normally, it takes three to four minutes after playing with someone to find another caller still waiting to chat with me, which gives me time to calm down. This time it took only a minute. He didn’t waste time role-playing.

“Spread your legs, take my cock, give me what belongs to me.” He was dominant, and he took what he wanted from me.

He stroked his cock, his breaths quickened, and he said he was coming. “Come with me.” His words and orgasm triggered mine.

As he was my last playmate, I got off the line, cleaned up, and texted Master.

I related my time in the chatline, then told him I had an orgasm.

He called me as soon as he could get away. “You have such good control,” he said.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What happened?”

“An hour and a half of fucking myself in the ass. Seven years since I had anal sex regularly, and until this month, I haven’t masturbated with more than a butt plug inside me on a regular basis, not a seven-inch dildo.”

“Did you have it in all the way?”

“Yes, Sir. I took all of it.”

“Were you fucking yourself hard?”

“Yes, Sir.”

His questions strengthened my need to come again.

We spoke for a while longer. Since this year’s orgasm denial only pertains to me not coming by self-stimulation, I clearly broke the rules. But he decided not to punish me.

Friday, he had me edge myself while I was on the chat line for an hour. He reminded me not to come. I promised not to. Then he commented again on my lack of self-control. “I know I said I wouldn’t punish you, but I’ve thought about it. I should have done this immediately. We’re adding five days to this year’s orgasm denial assignment. If you come again, I’ll add another seven days.”

“Yes, Sir.” My voice softened, I had a bit of remorse, and my pussy throbbed. If you don’t know much about BDSM my reaction won’t make sense.

But I know what his punishment means. I am taking my discipline with pride, and have no intention of slipping again.

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