Pleasurable Denial

Day three of Master’s orgasm control began with him edging me for an hour and a half.

Edging is when you or your partner brings you close to coming, then backs off. You or your partner increase stimulation until your need to come escalates, and the urge is stronger each time.

Since this month I am not allowed to come, the edging ended in no orgasm.

Day four, Master didn’t give me an assignment or use me sexually. I should treasure those days since I’m not being stimulated. However, that’s not the case. Knowing I cannot orgasm, I want his time and attention focused solely on me.

Too funny.

I had to work as did he. But that’s my submissive nature calling out to him.

Day five, Master edged me for an hour.

“Roll your nipples, rock your hips.”

His commands took on a new meaning with my legs spread wide, cool air hitting rushing over my pussy and engorged clit. Both throbbing with need, with no stimulation but desperately wanting.

I cannot wait for the weekend to see what artful ideas he comes up with, and the devious ways he uses me.

More in the days to come.

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