Master Took Pity on Me.

I made it 15 days without an orgasm.

Master called me Sunday afternoon. “How are you?”

“Horny,” I replied. My go-to response for the last few days. It must have been my tone that alerted him more was going on.

He didn’t ask, and I didn’t elaborate.

“You know you are allowed to come if you can find a black cock to fill my pussy.”

“Yes, Sir.” I had been so antsy and had done other things to distract me, that only moments before he called, I was contemplating getting online and searching for a hookup.

We talked a few minutes more, then I went online and searched for men who would follow Master’s requirements.

I didn’t find any. Monday was a holiday, and I didn’t speak to Master until later that evening. He asked about my day. Answering, “Yes, Sir,” to his questions didn’t make for great conversation. And though, he didn’t say anything, he knew I wasn’t doing well.

Tuesday morning before sunrise, he called me on his way to work.

“Good morning, Sir.”

“You don’t seem to be getting through this month as easily as the last two Januarys.”

“No, Sir.”

“Why not?”

I answered. I’m not giving all my details. In every relationship, fluctuation occurs. I’m not talking about arguments, problems, etc. In the last few months, we’ve had our fair share of changes.

No orgasms riding in on the heels of the differences, I was out of sorts. Not just horny, but mentally and emotionally unable to get through this month without Master giving me an orgasm.

He noted, “I guess no one is as good as I am.”

I gave him an explanation, but the bottom line, they are not.

As Master has taught me, I see men and women for their pleasure, not mine. If I receive an orgasm it’s because Master allows it. The men and women I see for Master cannot take his place. They cannot take care of my mental, emotional needs. Physically, somewhat. But I’ve never had as strong of an orgasm as I have with Master.

Tuesday, January 17, Master reminded me in every way he owns me.

I have thirteen more days until the end of the month. I believe I’ll make it. I plan to. I’ll be extremely happy when January  2023 is behind us.

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