Master’s Purpose for Orgasm Denial

Friday mornings begin with a few protocols. I weigh and send the information to Master. We recap my week, beginning with my weight, and then move on to other information.

I lose more weight when I have lots of orgasms, especially when I get to come multiple times and before eight a.m.

Yes, I lost two-tenths of a pound this last week. I teased him that I’d lose more next week because I’d get to come. He agreed.

While Wednesday officially ended orgasm denial, the ice storm postponed it until yesterday. It felt wonderful to get back my sexuality. To have that connection with Master once again.

That was when he pointed out his purpose for denying me orgasms. He said, it was for me to focus on him. As his slave, he wanted to remind me, by doing without, that I relied on him to give me orgasms, but also, for everything.

I agree. I think of Master all the time. However, doing without, my thoughts turned to our relationship, how strong it is, the bumps we hit, how we get through them, and most of all, working toward the same goal, while living apart.

Living apart is my biggest obstacle. Yet I don’t want to live with Master all the time.

“Focusing on me,” Master said, “is the best way to begin each new year.

I am happy January is over. Next year, I will experience orgasm denial once again.

That’s how it should be.

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