Master’s Valentine Gift

“Hello, Master.”

“Hello, property.” He ushered me through the doorway. “Stop. Put on the high-heels.

I did as instructed. His hand fell to the back of my waist, leading me to the playroom.

“These are for you.” He handed me a dozen long-stem roses.

Bringing the bouquet to my nose, I inhaled. “My favorite flower. How did you find ones that have a scent?”

He ignored my comment. His gaze glued to my face. His dark eyes lit with desire. 

My nipples beaded.

He reached out and pinched them.

This time as I waited, I ached for him to wrap me in the chains that bound me to him. My breaths increased, and a moan slipped past my parted lips and became a groan as the pressure increased.

Master laid a rose on the stark white sheet. It contrasted against the dark furniture, walls, and floor.

“Here.” He pointed to the end of the bed. “Watch while I prepare the scene I have for you.”

I let my gaze rove over him. Black trousers, a white button-down shirt, the sleeves rolled up to reveal dark, muscular forearms.

His strong will called to my submissiveness. His presence, commanding. He exuded power. When I was with him, I had only one job. Obey.

His task finished, he moved to the dresser and picked up his camera. He snapped a picture as he turned, catching me off-guard.

Master stepped toward me and took another picture. He pulled the lace off my breasts, lifted the camera, and snapped off several in a row.

My cunt throbbed and my juices ran in a steady stream down my thighs. I divested myself of the lingerie top and short skirt, leaving the heels on at Master’s bidding

“On the bed,” he commanded

I moved to the side, then stopped, searching for an empty spot. “Where?” I asked when I couldn’t find one.

“On the roses.”


“—Thorns. Yes.”

I jerked my eyes toward him.

Pain. Blood. I shivered.

Yet I had no choice. I’d given up all rights to him.

“Master?” I climbed onto the mattress, searching for a way to maneuver around the flowers without cutting my hands or legs.

“On your back.”

A sigh escaped. I had a strange erotic zone around my shoulders and between my shoulder blades. Master could hit that area for hours, and each blow sent electric shocks to my pussy, coming from being hit.

Turning, I crab-crawled backward until my butt was even with the first rose. I eased down on the flower. The stem reminded me of Master’s cane crashing down on my ass. Tomorrow there’d be holes piercing my backside. The thoughts stoked my need.

Master owned me.

As I put all my weight on the stem, I flinched but didn’t stop. I leaned back. Pinpricks dug into my skin. I bit my lip, though a whimper escaped. I searched Master’s face. The fire in my body danced in his eyes.

No matter what he demanded, I loved serving him.

“All the way.”

I nodded and gathered my courage, lowering my torso onto the rest of the flowers. “Master,” I gasped.

He replied by taking a picture. He pressed his hand on my stomach, pushing from side to side.

“Ow.” The thorns punctured my skin, gouging deeper. “Master.”

“Hush. No more talking.” His gaze stabbed into my soul. “When it gets too much, you are allowed to scream.”

I swallowed my reply and nodded.

He moved to the dresser and set the camera down. Then walked over to the shelf. He grabbed the crop and the leather flogger.

My pussy wept. I was always ready for a beating. But was I today?

I longed to be bound, but the roses beneath me were, in a way, bands of their own.

Master stepped toward me and laid the crop on my breast. He slid it down my torso and back up on the opposite side. The soft slide along my skin differed from the pain in my back. The two diverged and my hips flexed.

As I clenched my teeth to keep from calling out, he slapped my breast. First one then the other. “Master,” I jolted. Thorns sliced across my back. A piercing wail rent the air.

“That’s what I want to hear.” The crop fell on my body, hard slaps.

My mind screamed a warning, and I held still as much as possible.

Master grabbed my pussy and twisted my labia.

I raised my knees, pushed my heels into the mattress, and slapped the bed, clenching the sheet in my fists. Thorns made gashes along my torso.

Master pressed my hips back onto the bed.

I screamed.

He thumbed my clit, stroking light circles around the engorged nub. Two fingers slid into my soaking cunt.

“Who owns you?”

“You do, Master,” I panted.

“You accept what I give you, property.”

“Yes, Master.” I nodded, forgetting about the thorns until they tore through my skin. I opened my mouth to beg, but Master cut me off.

“Take my cock out.”

I slid my gaze toward his pants. His cock, long and thick pressed against the front. With care, I reached toward him. My fingers brushed the fabric. I pulled my hand away.

“Do what you’re told.”

I pulled my shoulder off the bed and reached again.

“Lie down.” He stepped away.

I laid back. The briars pierced new places. I whimpered.

“Try again.”

I nodded, reached toward him, swallowed, and slid closer. I screamed but didn’t stop. My fingers fumbled with the pull, thorns dug into my back, sweat coated my skin. Finally, the zipper lowered. My hand found the opening of his boxers briefs, and within excruciating seconds, I had his hard cock in my hand.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

His laugh rent the air.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Beg.” He leaned in, grabbed my nipples, and pulled.

Another scream pushed past my lips. Pain lanced my back and shot through my breasts. My pussy spasmed. “Master, I’m going to come.”

“Not until you have permission.”

“Y-Yes, Master.”

“Your screams are such a lovely sound, but not enough begging, my property.”


“Yes. Go on.”

“Please force your hard cock into your property’s pussy.” I stared at Master, hoping he’d see how desperate, my need for him to take away all my control was.

“Tell me you love it when I don’t give you a choice.”

“I love it when I don’t have a choice.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Even when I hurt you like now?”

“Y-Yes, Master.”

“You hesitated. Why?”

“I don’t like this much pain. You’re not a sadist.”

“True, but that isn’t about who we are.”

“Master, please use your property, hurt me, control every part of my life, please; what you desire to give me is all I need. Please fuck me.”

“Since you begged so sweetly.”

Master stepped back, pulling his shirt, then pants off. He climbed on the bed. The mattress dipped and moved, unseating and reseating the thorns in my back. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs. “You are allowed to come as often and when you need to.”

“Thank you, Master.”

He slammed his hips forward. His cock breached my cunt. Thorns sliced my back. He pulled out and slammed in again. “Come,” he yelled, though he’d given me permission.

My cunt clenched around his cock, squeezing. Briars pierced my shoulder blades. My pussy clenched once more and I erupted.

“Open up.”

My lips parted. Master laid something across my lips.

“Close your mouth.”

I did, then immediately opened it when a thorn gouged my lips.

“Close them.”

“M—” Too late I realized my mistake.

“Good. Keep your lips closed. Press hard.”

Pain erupted all over me. Master set a brutal pace between my thighs, pounding in and out of my fuck hole. Thorns scored and scraped my back. They pierced my lips. Master’s thumb circled my clit.

My harsh breaths sawed through my nostrils. I looked at him pleading, needing to come. Nothing else mattered but surrendering my will to this man.

“Come,” he shouted.

I pressed my hips into Master’s groin, clamped my lips together, and pressed my back into the thorns.

Pleasure sliced through me like a sword. My eyes rolled back in my head and I lost consciousness.

“Such a good slave.” Master smoothed my bangs off my sweaty brow.

“Thank you, Master.” Peace settled over me. I was home.

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